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QR codes to help tourists in India before the end of 2013

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that this project will become available to visitors soon.

The Government of India’s Ministry of Tourism has released an updated for its greatly hyped QR codes project that is being created through an agreement that has been signed with Audio Compass (India) Pvt. Ltd.

This travel app provider will help the Ministry of Tourism provide visitors to the country with an enhanced experience.

The contract also involves Genesys International Corp. These partnerships were made last month so that QR codes will become available at a number of different tourist destinations before the close of 2013. The project was first proposed at the beginning of this year and has received a great deal of media coverage.

The goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to add QR codes to provide tourists with information at the most popular destinations.

QR Codes provide information to touristsThe QR codes will be placed at some of the hottest tourism spots throughout India. These two dimensional barcodes make it possible to provide tourists carrying smartphones and tablets with a great deal more information than would be available through standard signage. This particular project will be using the scans to link tourists directly with websites, text, phone numbers, and email addresses that they might find useful.

According to the Audio Compass chief executive and founder, Gautam Shewakramani, “One of the biggest challenges for travellers is the last mile of travel, that is, when they are past planning and booking stage and are actually on ground travelling. We are not doing a great job of providing tourist information, so they have to rely on expensive and unreliable sources like unofficial touts. This will make tourists access information while travelling in a hassle-free manner.”

That company already provides audio guides at a number of the most popular tourist destinations, including Agra Fort, the Salar Jung Museum, Khajuraho, and the Taj Mahal. Now, through the use of QR codes, these places will have their experiences enhanced for all mobile using visitors. Those will be the first locations to feature the barcodes, though the advertising driven model will expand from that point.

QR codes used by IGI for its certified jewelry

Scanning the barcodes provides the device users with specific information about the unique piece.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has just revealed that it will be providing QR codes, from now on, for each piece of jewelry that it certifies, so that the barcodes can be scanned.

When the barcode is read by a smartphone, the device users will also be able to view the IGI report on the piece.

The QR codes are intended to be helpful on a number of levels. The IGI is hoping that sales associates will be able to scan them in order to be able to obtain relevant gemological grading information that they can then communicate to potential customers. They share data about the color, cut, carat, and clarity (often referred to as the 4 C’s), and can also be used to authenticate precious metals.

The QR codes will also be helpful to customers who can verify the quality and claims veracity of an item.

The IGI will now be assigning a QR code with the issuance of each IGI Seal of Inspection/Standard of ExcQR Codes Jewelryellence, as a step in the certification process. Each article will be affixed with its relevant barcode. Just as has previously been the case, it will still be possible to obtain hard copy reports on any jewelry that has been certified by the organization. These barcodes will simply provide an immediate link to the information that can be accessed wherever the device user may be.

According to Jerry Ehrenwald, the president and CEO of the IGI, “We are eager to bring additional benefit to both retailers and consumers by offering a real-time way to access a unique IGI report, as this is a crucial step in the fine jewelry buying process.”

The QR codes were first demonstrated by the IGI at the JCK Las Vegas Show, at the organization’s booth. An appointment had to be scheduled in order to be able to see the demo. The organization was first established in 1975 in Antwerp. It is now the largest independent certification institute worldwide. It has offices in major cities all across the globe.