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QR codes on pet tags bring Fido home

Pethub has announced its acquisition of GetPetsHome so that it can provide free digital ID tags.

A startup from Seattle called PetHub, has just announced that this QR codes product company has acquired another business called GetPetsHome, which is based in Atlanta.

This has not only provided them with the business, but also the domain name and user list.

With the acquisition of GetPetsHome, PetHub has managed to take in its domain name for its website, and has absorbed that company’s user list into its own. The three employees from the acquired company – which also made ID tags for pets that featured QR codes – will not be adding their numbers to the PetHub family.

These QR codes on pet ID tags help to make it easier for a lost pet to find his or her way home.

The users of the GetPetsHome service will be receiving an email advising them of what has happened and that they can redeem free ID tags through PetHub through the use of an electronic voucher that they will receive within that message. Their previous tags from the acquired business will be expiring by the closing of March.QR Codes for Pets

The pet tags are beneficial because they feature not only the animal’s name, but they also include a QRcode that, when scanned by a smartphone or tablet using a free reader mobile app, can provide several contact numbers for the owners, as well as that animal’s health data. This can include medical conditions, medications it is taking, and special nutrition requirements.

Owners simply create their accounts on the PetHub platform to add the information that they want to share with someone who has found their lost pet. That account can then alert them when their pet has been located after having gone missing.

According to the American Human Association’s data, one in every three animals (cats or dogs) will go missing at some point in their lifetimes. Even when an animal has been rescued and brought to a shelter, only 25 percent of them will make it back to their original families. Half of those surrendered to a shelter will never leave that place.

This helps to show how important it is for a pet to wear a clearly labeled, high quality ID tag at all time. The more information someone receives about the pet when it has been found – such as by scanning QR codes – the better the chances of having that animal returned.

Company aims to make QR codes relevant as well as popular

unique qr codesConsumers are familiar with the small, squared QR codes on many products and in advertising, but often do not feel motivated to scan the code with their smartphone. A new company aims to not only change the look of the code, but also to make it more relevant so that consumers are more likely to scan.

Visualead and QR codes

Even if consumers do not know what QR code does, they have probably noticed it in various places like in advertising and on products. Those that have used it have been somewhat disappointed in the results and are reluctant to waste time doing it again. However, Visualead wants to change all of that by making QR more useful and even more profitable for businesses. Most consumers are not even aware of what the code can actually do.

New, improved QR code

Those who have seen QR code know the code has little to be desired in looks. The code is often in black and white and is comprised of small squares. The look is not very appealing. In most uses, these are scanned to give more details about a product or service but they rarely went any further than that. Some offered sales information and some are used for rewards programs, but consumers mostly ignore them. Visualead has devised a new, much more appealing appearance for QR code by blending it with the company logo while still keeping the components needed to make sure the code works.

The trick for Visualead has been to make sure the code and image are appealing without rendering the code useless. They have worked code into artwork and Logos for many well-known companies and even into pictures intended for use on Facebook. Visualead saw more than 300,000 scans in a very short and very limited test run.

Off and running

Investors have taken notice of the success of that limited trail run. Thanks to that success, Visualead has secured substantial backing and has begun the search for advertisers and companies that could benefit from what they have to offer. Not only could the new QR code be good for the typical uses, it could also, through the work of this company, see a consumer from introduction to a product to a final sale, all through a simple QR code scan.