Spindle announces partnership with Integrated Payments

Spindle, a leading provider of mobile mobile commerce Spindle partnership with POS payment services, has announced that it has teamed with Integrated Payments, a company that specializes in point of sale and mobile commerce technologies for merchants. The two companies have signed an agreement that will combine Spindle’s mobile commerce platform with the technology developed by Integrated Payments. The two companies hope that the new venture will provide merchants throughout the U.S. with a more efficient way to accept mobile payments from consumers.

POS solutions growing in demand among merchants

Becoming more accommodating to mobile payments is quickly becoming a serious issue for the retail industry, as well as other businesses. More consumers are taking to their mobile devices to make payments for goods and services. Reaching out to these consumers through e-commerce gateways and mobile websites has, thus far, been an effective means to offer service and procure business. The demand for being able to make mobile payments at actual stores is growing, however, and merchants are facing a rising need to address this demand with point of sale systems.

Spindle and Integrated Payments to leverage strengths of each other to reach markets

Through this new partnership, Spindle will be able to take advantage of the powerful relationships Integrated Payments has formed with merchants and vendors throughout the U.S. Integrated Payments will also benefit from the partnership as it will be able to expand its mobile commerce portfolio by offering merchants new services that are focused on mobile commerce. Together, the two companies may be able to establish a foothold with merchants in the U.S. and compete with larger companies, like Google, that have been investing heavily in mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce gaining serious attention

Mobile commerce is moving beyond the fringes of the retail industry. More companies are seeing the potential benefits of becoming more accommodating to mobile consumers and have begun taking mobile commerce more seriously. Spindle and Integrated Payments are keen to position themselves to be ready to serve a wider range of merchants when more businesses choose to adopt mobile commerce systems as a way to meet the needs of consumers.