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How the most powerful portable charger fits into the best smartphone travel hacks

Regardless of where you’re traveling, why, or with whom, your smartphone will be going with you.

Because mobile devices like smartphones and tablets go with us, no matter what, there are some very important travel hacks, including finding the most powerful portable charger, that can make all the difference to your convenience or frustration level while you’re away.

Pew Research Center data shows that almost two out of every three Americans is a smartphone owner.

Moreover, Pew’s data also says that nearly half of all Americans own a tablet. When traveling, we don’t like to leave those devices behind. Just as you wouldn’t go anywhere without packing your toothbrush and spare pairs of underwear, your smartphone is something you won’t leave home without. That said, while your toothbrush can be used as many times as you want, your mobile devices do have a limited battery life. To overcome that problem, you’ll want to pack the most powerful portable charger you can find, not just any little battery pack.

Having the most powerful portable charger means that, no matter the delays you face, you’ll still have enough battery.

Most Powerful Portable Charger - TravelOther handy tips? Consider the following:

• Connect to WiFi when you can – tons of airports, restaurants, coffee shops, train stations and malls offer free WiFi. Use that whenever you can so you can shrink your data usage.
• Download music playlists and movies – do this before you leave. That way, you don’t have to rely on data or WiFi for the entertainment you want (and need) while you’re stuck in airplane mode, don’t have a connection, or don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for roaming data.
• Roam wisely – if you are going to be traveling a lot – particularly internationally – it might be worth your while to investigate plans that are designed for usage outside the US. You can choose options specific to other countries to which you’ll be traveling regularly, or you can find a plan that will cover lots of different places so you’ll have affordable service no matter where you go.
• Keep your power bank charged – don’t forget that even if you have the most powerful portable charger out there, you have to juice it up before you go!

USB battery pack and thumb drives, smartphones and adapters change backpack designs

These dual-strap bags are vital for most students, but their designs are changing as their contents evolve.

The average student needs to carry a long list of different items, from a laptop to a smartphone and from a USB battery pack to a thumb drive and with these contents, which are far different from what they were five years ago, let alone a decade ago, backpack designs are needing to be re-thought.

Students are often required to carry their entire day’s worth of items on their backs, from tech to lunch.

Because students are now highly reliant on technology, more specifically, mobile technology, it means that their bags need to have places to contain all the accessories that go with them. At first, it was a matter of a laptop and its charger cable. However, as things have become more portable, this has also included additional items such as smartphone, possibly a tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard, a USB battery pack, thumb drives to backup work, headphones, and other gadgets. This, on top of the snack, lip balm, playing cards, and maybe even an actual print-copy of a book.

Some items, like the thumb drives and USB battery pack, have become as much a staple as the backpacks, themselves.

USB Battery Pack - Image of student with backpackAs courses increasingly move their content into digital formats, students are required to carry printed books at an ever-decreasing rate. In some schools, the students who have a preference for using printed books are at a minority. They are typically more expensive and far heavier and less convenient to carry, making them less appealing for many.

Because of this, backpacks and other school bags are now needing to be redesigned to be useful in carrying gadgets and accessories, as opposed to large and bulky books. This industry – worth an estimated $2.7 billion – is now scrambling to try to come up with the best possible design to carry everything from the devices, themselves, to the backup battery packs that are needed to keep those gadgets going through the day’s classes (not to mention the cords that link the two together).

The new designs are needing to include everything from comfort to organization and ease of accessibility. Some companies, such as VF Corporations (owner of JanSport), are using mountaineers as their examples to be able to best understand the way someone can easily reach the gear in their bags, whether it be a climbing tool while hanging from a rock face, or a USB battery pack, while walking down a crowded hall.