Sony Japan has announced it will no longer be supporting PlayStation Mobile (PSM) for Android.

Not everyone may have been aware that there is a PlayStation mobile gaming service for Android, especially since Sony has already created a portable gaming console known as the PS Vita, but for those who knew or who didn’t know, the latest news from Sony confirms that the company will no longer be supporting PSM for new versions of Android.

The PS app should continue to run on mobile devices running older versions of Android.

Those who still have a device that supports Android versions 4.4.2, KitKat, and lower, should still be able to use the app and it should function like it always has. Sony has said that mobile users who have access to the PlayStation Store should have the ability to re-download games or buy new content.

Sony drops suppot for Playstation mobile gaming service on AndroidMoreover, while devices that operate on Android 4.4.3 should still have the capability of running the mobile gaming application, glitches may occur. That being said, apparently mobile users who have upgraded to the Android L DeveloperPreview will not be able to obtain the app and Sony said that these users may not even have access to the PS Store.

The PlayStation mobile gaming app was initially released to improve sales of the Xperia handset.

Sony’s attempt to draw mobile gamers with its app was never as successful as the company had hoped. Although Sony had given users the opportunity to play some of their favorite classic PS1 games, their mobile game offering was not large enough nor were there enough exclusive games to really boost the apps popularity. Many of the titles available for Android could also be played on iOS.

In addition to its announcement that it will no longer be supporting the Android mobile gaming PlayStation app, Sony has also stated that no other devices will receive PlayStation Certified status. The Japanese company will be pouring its focus into creating content for its PS Vita devices and for its PlayStation TV Vita, and is encouraging any developers developing games for the PSM platform to create content for Vita instead.