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Pinterest enters the mobile commerce space

Pinterest is moving forward with its buyable pins feature

Pinterest is one of the latest social companies to become involved in the mobile commerce space. The company recently announced its buyable pins, a feature through which users can purchase products that they see on the social site. Pins, or pictures, will serve as a way to expose users to new products, giving them an opportunity to purchase what they see on their mobile devices through the Pinterest application.

Company will be working with Stripe to make mobile purchases possible over its platform

The social media company will be working with Stripe in order to handle the mobile payments made through its new feature. The idea behind the new feature is to make purchases on a mobile device quick and convenient for users. Buyable pins will show on all featured content on Pinterest, including search and recommendations. For example, if users see a picture of a jacket, they would also be provided with a link to purchase this jacket, with purchases being handled through the Pinterest platform. Users will also be able to compare products and prices.

Social commerce is becoming a focus for companies that want to engage mobile consumers more effectively

Mobile Commerce - Pinterest AppMobile commerce has become an important focus for many social media companies. These companies have taken note of the rise of mobile technology and the role that smartphones and tablets are playing in the daily lives of consumers. These companies are beginning to expand upon a concept called social commerce, which involves the purchasing of products over social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. These networks have already launched their own purchasing features, providing Pinterest with competition.

Social commerce can be very beneficial for retailers

Social commerce is growing quickly and consumers have become more interested in purchasing products online with their mobile devices. Social networks represent a powerful way for retailers to gain exposure for their products and these networks can provide retailers with access to a very active and enthusiastic user base that has become interested in mobile commerce.

Pinterest sets strong example in social commerce

Social commerce growing more popular in the digital world

Mobile commerce has become a well documented trend around the world. Many people know and understand what mobile commerce is about, even if many people have yet to participate in this emerging field. A relatively unknown facet of this sector, however, is beginning to attract more attention, largely due to its connection to social networking. So called social commerce is quickly becoming a powerful trend in the digital world, heavily supported by the strong growth that social networks like Pinterest have seen in recent years.

Report suggests that Pinterest is a powerful social commerce platform

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world today. The social network has successfully attracted millions of users from around the world, most of whom use the platform regularly. Pinterest is not only growing as a social network, of course, as it is also quickly establishing itself as the leading platform for social commerce. A recent report from Monetate suggests that Pinterest is responsible for directing a massive amount of online traffic to e-commerce sites throughout the first quarter of this year and during the holiday season of 2012.

Pinterest Social CommerceSocial network directs consumers to e-commerce sites

The report shows that Pinterest holds the highest average order value among other social networks concerning social media referrers. This translates into revenue generated for the social network for all the traffic it directs to e-commerce sites. While Pinterest has shown itself to be a powerful social commerce platform, the report notes that the social network can improve its approach to the matter in order to generate more revenue from this space. A stronger focus on mobile commerce may serve well in this endeavor.

Social networks could aid growth of mobile commerce

Social networking sites have been a strong boon for the mobile commerce field. These sites are already heavily trafficked by consumers that use their mobile devices for just about everything. Sites that can successfully direct this traffic to e-commerce sites are helping spread the reach of mobile commerce services and making consumers more comfortable with the concept of mobile payments.