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Social media marketing is succeeding through Pinterest

Though this network may not find itself in a lot of headlines, it is a more powerful platform than they give it credit for.

While Facebook and Twitter often receive a great deal of attention when it comes to social media marketing, as does YouTube, Pinterest rarely even receives a notable mention in these same conversations, despite the fact that it has started to define itself as quite a powerful platform, especially when it comes to mobile marketing campaigns.

The social sharing platform that uses a pinboard style is highly popular and yet not nearly as widely studied.

That said, Pinterest is now reportedly intending to boost their overall advertising offerings in 2015. This will be especially focused on expanding the impact that it has among mobile marketing firms, as smartphone and tablet using consumers already appreciate the format of this platform. It will be interesting to see if this will finally put the spotlight onto this network when it appears to have been flying under the technology radar for such a long time.

Pinterest is looking to be able to boost its revenue by broadening its social media marketing offerings.

Social Media Marketing - PinterestThe social network is gearing up to boost the mobile advertising revenue that it brings in by expanding its Promoted Pins service in a “responsible” way. It has been reported by NativeMobile that the company is hoping to see a growth of 300 percent in its Promoted Pins by the end of next year.

The platform has taken a unique stance when it comes to social media marketing in that it focuses primarily on the user experience. It feels that it understands that there is a line between being useful and effective in terms of marketing, and going too far and simply irritating users with ever present ads.

Though they know that there is a chance that there could be a reduction in the potential profits by creating a limit to the expansion of the advertising component of the platform, they are willing to take this risk as they prefer to ensure that their users will continue to enjoy their experience on the site and the app instead of simply giving in to every advertiser that is willing to pay for premium pin placement on the streams of targeted users.

As of yet, the Promoted Pins social media marketing program at Pinterest has been reported as a powerful success, and there has been every indication that advertisers are looking to be able to use it even more.

Social media marketing price alert feature added to Pinterest

The network has now launched its latest feature that will help people to find better mobile commerce deals.

Pinterest has just announced that it has launched a new social media marketing feature that is designed to help consumers to be able to obtain price alerts that can help them to find the best deals for purchasing the various items that they see over the network.

Until now, the website has essentially been a digital window shopping experience for consumers.

Usually, people will “pin” the items that they would hope to have but that they may never actually purchase. This latest social media marketing service is being launched close on the heels of the “pin price” feature that gave users the ability to view the current price of the items that they have pinned. As a complementary service, the new price alerts feature will allow users to be able to watch the latest in changes in the price tags of the items that have caught their eye.

This new social media marketing experience emails a user when a product’s price is reduced.

Social Media Marketing - PinterestThis new social media feature is an opt-in service. Therefore, users can choose whether or not to receive the price alerts. If they wish to receive them, they simply need to pin the items they are interested in watching to one of their boards. They will then begin receiving emails whenever there is a reduction in the price of that item.

Pinterest has taken special precautions to help to make certain that there will not be any unintentional spamming produced by this social media marketing strategy. Representatives from the network have explained that they will help to prevent this from occurring by consolidating various prices into a minimum number of emails. They will create as few emails as possible while still providing the user with benefits. Should the email frequency still be too high, the user can use their account settings to change the frequency at which they receive the alerts.

Pinterest is hoping that this new social media marketing effort will help to boost the value of the site and that by partnering with a number of large and independent retailers, the site will stand out from among other mobile commerce websites in assisting shoppers to find the best deals.