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PayPal turns to QR codes for mobile commerce venture


PayPal sets sights on QR codes

Commerce giant PaQR Codes Mobile Commerce NewsyPal continues to look for ways to engage the ever growing mobile consumer population. The company has had a keen interest in mobile commerce for some time, and has been eager to offer services to consumers that are interested in making payments using their mobile devices. Initially, PayPal had plans to make use of NFC technology to provide these services to consumers. The technology proved to be less than ideal for the company. Now, PayPal is setting its sights on QR codes.

Codes beginning to see traction in mobile commerce

QR codes are most often used in advertising as a way to provide consumers with information on products. The codes can be scanned by simple barcode scanning applications, making them easily accessible to consumers. Recently, QR codes have been getting more attention for their possible uses in mobile commerce. Retail companies, such as the UK’s Tesco, have begun experimenting with the codes in so called “pop-up” stores — virtual stores that use QR codes to sell products.

PayPal campaign to use QR codes in shop windows

PayPal is set to launch a new mobile commerce pilot project in Amsterdam that revolves around QR codes. The project will take place in the shopping district, De 9 Straatjes. More than 30 retailers that are located in this district have teamed with PayPal for the initiative. These stores will serve as host to QR codes that will be placed in shop windows. When these codes are scanned, consumers are directed to a mobile website where they can see all the products the store offers. Consumers can then purchase their desired products through PayPal and have their purchase mailed to their home.

Company expects mobile commerce to become more popular

PayPal has an acute interest in mobile commerce and believes that mobile technology will be play a major role in the lives of consumers, especially where spending money is concerned. Already, many consumers have become reliant on their mobile devices to pay bills and search for products online. PayPal expects that this trend will gain momentum in the coming years.

ABI Research predicts major growth in mobile payments

 ABI Research releases new report concerning growth of NFC-based mobile payments

NFC-based mobile payments are expected to see a massive boom in the coming years, according to a new report from ABI Research. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity with consumers, leading many to believe that mobile payments are far more convenient than traditional forms of commerce. Consumers are gaining access to a growing variety of NFC-enabled mobile devices, which is boosting their exposure to mobile commerce. ABI Research predicts that this exposure will drive growth behind the burgeoning industry.

Report shows growth despite concerns regarding NFC technology

According to the firm’s report, the total value of NFC-based mobile payments will reach $100 billion by 2016. This prediction accounts for the swelling tide of criticism that has been directed at NFC technology recently. Critics of the technology claim that it is not safe enough for mobile commerce, with others suggesting that it is simply not capable of handling the needs Mobile Payments Growth Trendof consumers. While some of these concerns have slowed the progress of the mobile commerce industry, which is heavily based on NFC technology, ABI Research expects that the industry will continue to grow well into the future.

Predictions may be derailed by new technologies and platforms

The report shows that NFC-based mobile payments are currently valued at $4 billion for this year. ABI Research estimates that this will blossom to $191 billion by the end of 2017. After this point, mobile commerce may see its progress and expansion slow somewhat, but continue to grow nonetheless. It is possible for this prediction to be derailed due to the emergence of a new technology or mobile payment platform that does not use NFC technology, a prospect that is becoming more possible with every passing day.

More companies beginning to look for alternative to NFC technology

Because of the problems associated with NFC technology, companies that are interested in mobile commerce, such as PayPal and Apple, are developing their own platforms for mobile payments. These companies are forgoing the use of NFC technology to allow consumers to make payments with mobile devices in a different way. If these technologies manage to capture the interest of consumers at large, the growth of NFC-based mobile payments may turn out very different than what ABI Research predicts.