Mobile Payments ClashMobile payments are becoming more important for consumers

Mobile payments are becoming a very important part of global commerce. More consumers have smartphones now than ever before, and many of these consumers are looking for more efficient and convenient ways to purchase products. Mobile payments are becoming so important to consumers that new mobile commerce platforms spring up on a seemingly daily basis to help consumers purchase products and transfer money using their mobile devices. Some of these platforms have become so popular that they are beginning to clash with one another for dominance in the mobile commerce arena.

Companies hold high hopes for 2013

LevelUp, which recently celebrating reaching 1 million active users, is one such company. Seth Priesbatsch, founder of the mobile payments platform, believes that 2013 will be the year in which a dominant mobile commerce platform will be crowned. LevelUp is not the only company that shares this belief, of course, as Paydiant, another leading mobile commerce platform, also expects 2013 to be a major year for mobile payments. PayPal boasts of the largest share of active users in terms of mobile payments and expects to see more people participating in mobile commerce this year than ever before.

Loyalty programs and marketing may be where true opportunities lie

Though these companies share high hopes for mobile commerce, mobile payments may not actually be the most significant opportunity that exists in the evolving state of commerce. Loyalty and marketing are where the true opportunities lie, according to Paydient. Loyalty programs from major brands offer consumers access to benefits they can receive by, quite literally, showing loyalty to a specific brand. In some cases, these benefits could be steep discounts on favored products, or free products altogether.

Platform that can provide the best of everything mobile commerce has to offer may win with consumers

Though loyalty programs and marketing hold a great deal of promise, most companies are focused on the area of mobile payments. Developing efficient and effective mobile payment services may open up the door for loyalty programs and marketing campaigns to take hold among consumers. The evolving state of commerce suggests that the company that can offer the best of everything will come out on top in terms of consumer engagement.