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Flomio introduces FloCase for the iPhone


Flomio takes feedback from Kickstarter to develop new NFC device for the iPhone

Flomio, a technology and moFlomino NFC Mobile Marketing Commercebile commerce startup based in Florida, attracted attention last month when it announced it was working to bring NFC technology to the iOS platform. Earlier this year, rumors suggested that Apple’s new iPhone 5 would be equipped with NFC technology that would allow consumers to participate in mobile commerce. This was not the case, and Apple has been harshly criticized for its decision to abandon NFC technology. This has, however, created an opportunity for companies like Flomio to bring the technology to the platf0orm.

FloCase inspired by feedback from supporters

Flomio has been working on a product called the FloJack, which can be plugged into an iPhone and provide it with NFC capabilities. The company turned to popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to get the financial backing it needed for the project. Once on Kickstarter, however, the project began to evolve thanks to the feedback Flomio received. Now, the company has introduced the FloCase, a new way to provide the iPhone with NFC capabilities.

FloCase gives the iPhone NFC capabilities

The FloCase is designed as a simple, yet sturdy case for the iPhone. The case itself is equipped with an NFC chip that will allow the iPhone to send and receive NFC transmissions. With this case, iPhone owners can participate in mobile commerce, as long as they have a mobile wallet application installed on their smart phone. They will also be able to participate in marketing, sales, and entertainment campaigns that make use of the technology.

Flomio not the first to build an NFC-enabled case for smart phones

Flomio is not the first company to develop an NFC-enabled case for smart phones. The iPhone device is not the only smart phone that does not include NFC technology, thus other companies have developed cases for the myriad devices that have no NFC capabilities. This has helped spread the prevalence of mobile commerce by making mobile transactions much more convenient to those that do not have access to NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Movaluate launches ambitious new campaign


Movaluate turns to NFC and QR codes to cut down on waste

Movaluate, a company specializing iMovaluate NFC Forum Mobile Marketing Commercen promoting the re-use of old smart phones and mobile devices, has launched an ambitious new initiative that aims to get people to sell their old smart phones rather than just throw them away. The company has begun giving away from NFC-QR tags that, when scanned, can instantly determine the market value of a smart phone. The information provided to the consumer through these tags is meant to give them an idea of what they can gain from selling their old mobile devices.

New campaign allows consumers to determine the value of their smart phones

The new campaign from Movaluate is meant to raise awareness of the rising value of smart phones. More mobile services are emerging that can only be accessed through smart phones and other advanced devices. The availability of these devices is high, but many consumers have yet to justify the purchase of such technology due to its high cost or the fact that they must commit to a usage contract to obtain a smart phone. The second-hand market can be a viable place to find a smart phone without having to pay a large amount of money upfront.

Old technology presents environmental risks

Old smart phones present a fairly significant environmental problem. Many consumers simply discard their old mobile devices when they purchase a replacement. These devices are not made out of biodegradable components, however, and can even release toxins into the environment, poisoning soil and wildlife. By recycling or selling old smart phones, the environmental implications of discarding these technologies can be mitigated significantly.

Campaign may help consumers get their hands on smart phones

Through its new NFC-QR tags, Movaluate aims to help consumers get a fair market price for their mobile devices. The tags can be easily accessed by devices with a barcode scanning application or an NFC reader. This campaign may help increase people’s access to new mobile devices, in the long run, while also helping protect the environment from dangerous technological waste.