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iBeacon technology used in new rewarding Heineken app

Heineken is rewarding New Zealand consumers for exploring their city.

The Dutch brewing company, famous for its Heineken pale lager beer, is launching its Heineken LIVE app in New Zealand. The innovative app is equipped with cutting-edge iBeacon technology, which combines Bluetooth and GPS tech. It encourages users to go out and explore their city. When they head to participating Heineken venues they can get rewards.

Heineken is giving away $500,000 in prizes over the next six months.

The app primarily functions as a rewards system. Smartphone users who download the app and head to participating Heineken venues will receive two different types of points: Venue Points and Heineken Status Points. The venue points are limited to each venue. The Status Points elevate a user’s status and offers them an array of rewards. These may include big ticket surprise experiences, VIP event tickets, exclusive access to events, food and beverage offers as well as other opportunities.

iBeacon Technology Heineken Live App - Heineken bottleOver the next six months, the beer giant is giving away $500,000 in prizes. Users of the app can head to any of the more than 120 venues fitted with iBeacon technology for their chance to receive notifications and rewards from Heineken.

The iBeacon technology is a world first for the beer brand.

The company created the Heineken LIVE app in an effort to improve their connection with consumers between the ages of 18 and 30. This demographic is rarely without their mobile phones. According to Heineken New Zealand marketing manager Taylor Green, the technology is the next generation of loyalty programs.

Green also believes that the LIVE app celebrates what makes cities around New Zealand great. “Our cities are melting pots of culture, showcasing world-class food and drink, technology and exciting events” he said. Green added that “Heineken LIVE uses innovative technology to encourage people to discover the best parts of their cities as well as see old favourites in a whole new light, rather than drinking more.”

Green said that he’s proud that Heineken LIVE was developed locally and will launch in New Zealand first. He also believes there is huge potential for the company’s iBeacon technology app to be successful around the globe.

Mobile commerce is growing quickly in the Asia Pacific region

Survey shows that mobile commerce is expanding throughout the Asia Pacific region

Visa has released the latest edition of its E-Commerce Monitor Survey, which has found that mobile commerce is a rapidly growing segment in the Asia Pacific region. Many consumers are beginning to do their shopping online, as this is more convenient for them. A growing number of these people are beginning to access online stores with their smartphones and tablets. Visa’s survey was conducted by ORC International Singapore, collecting information from 11,760 consumers across 13 countries.

China and Japan lead the way in mobile commerce growth

Notably, mobile commerce has grown quite aggressively in China and Japan, where using mobile devices is rampantly popular. The survey found that there has been a 22% increase in the number of people shopping with their mobile devices throughout the Asia Pacific region. China has seen the greatest growth in this regard, with a 36% increase in mobile shopping among consumers. The rising popularity of mobile commerce in the region is providing retailers will new opportunities to connect with an evolving demographic of consumers.

More consumers are relying solely on their devices to purchase products online

Mobile commerce Asia Pacific RegionConnor Lynch, Regional Director for E-commerce with Visa, suggests that mobile shopping is becoming the standard among consumers and retailers in Asia. Many consumers believe that using their mobile devices to shop online is simply more convenient. This is especially true among those with long commutes, as they can get their shopping done while traveling. Notably, 69% of consumers are using mobile payments services to pay their bills, while others are using these services to pay for movie tickets and other entertainment.

Consumers in Singapore are the most likely to purchase products using their mobile devices

The survey shows that consumers in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand are significantly more likely to make purchases using their mobile devices. Retailers in these countries are seeing significant opportunities to connect with new customers. If they can provide an enjoyable shopping experience to these consumers, they may be able to find a high degree of success in mobile commerce.