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Retail sector finds success in mobile commerce

Retailers are reporting promising results from the holiday shopping weekend

The most significant retail holiday in the United States, Black Friday, has come and gone and many retailers saw a spike in total sales thanks to mobile commerce. Wal-Mart reported that it experienced the best three-day online shopping period it has seen in recent history and the company’s experience is being echoed by others that have adopted a focus on the digital space. According to a report from comScore, e-commerce sales throughout the United States surpassed $1 billion for the first time.

Total retail sales are lower this year than they were in 2013

While more people are shopping online, especially from their mobile devices, the retail sector has encountered some turbulence this year. Total retail sales for the holiday shopping weekend were down this year when compared to the results of 2013, according to the National Retail Federation. Many consumers opted to avoid physical stores in favor of mobile and e-commerce, while others opted to avoid holiday shopping altogether. The exact reasons behind lower retail sales this year and not entirely clear.

E-commerce is thriving among consumers interested in convenient shopping solutions

Mobile commerce reatil sector - WalmartThe report from comScore notes that consumers are shopping more from their personal computers and mobile devices. The report shows that shopping from a PC increased by 32% on Thanksgiving Day and 26% on Black Friday. Throughout November, purchases made from desktop computers rose by 15%. The report suggests that mobile commerce accounted for approximately 2% of all digital sales made during the holiday shopping weekend.

Mobile commerce has helped some retailers find success

The report also shows that e-commerce spending reached $1.009 billion this year, higher than the $766 million reported last year. Shopping online has become quite popular among consumers because of the convenience that it offers. When shopping at home from a computer, consumers can avoid the chaotic crowds that flock to retail stores on Black Friday. This convenience can also be found through mobile commerce, which allows people to purchase the products they are interested in at any time, no matter where they may be.

US retailers may be missing out on a major mobile commerce opportunity

Retailers avoiding the mobile space could miss out on a serious revenue opportunity

The holiday season is coming and U.S. retailers could be missing out on one of the greatest mobile shopping opportunities in recent history. A new report from Jumio predicts that retailers could miss out on $8.6 billion in revenue due to outdated mobile checkout solutions. Many retailers have made attempts to engage mobile consumers by offering them new payment solutions that are mobile-centric, but old and inefficient solutions could make it hard for consumers to actually purchase products online and in physical stores.

20% of all online sales made during the fourth quarter of this year may come from mobile devices

According to data from the National Retail Federation, holiday sales for 2014 are expected to reach $616.9 billion, growing 4% over what they had been during the 2013 holiday season. An estimated $105 billion in revenue is expected to come from e-commerce. Another report from IBM suggests that approximately 20% of all online sales made during the fourth quarter will come from a mobile device. Retailers that are not prepared to engage mobile consumers could lose out on a very promising opportunity.

Mobile commerce continues to experience strong growth in the US

Mobile commerce - retailers missing outMobile commerce has become quite popular with consumers. Mobile shopping is often seen as more convenient and while most people continue to favor visiting physical stores, the demand for mobile payment services has been growing rapidly. Many consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online, using their mobile devices to research and discover products they may be interested in. Some will also be looking for ways to make their shopping experience more convenient and avoid crowds at stores. Mobile payment terminals can offer this convenience and may help make a retailer more attractive to consumers.

Outdated commerce systems cause frustration among consumers

The report notes that many people that shop online using a mobile device end up abandoning their purchases. This is due to frustrations with outdated commerce systems that are still being used by retailers. These systems make it difficult for people to complete transactions when they try to purchase products from their smartphones and tablets. Many of these systems are designed to be used on conventional computers and not mobile devices.