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Mobile marketing can sway auto buyers with effective video content

A recent study has revealed that 70 percent of car shoppers using YouTube are influenced by what they see.

A new report has now been issued that provides insight into trends with regards to mobile marketing and video advertising and the impact this is having on the decisions being made by car buyers.

The report is based on YouTube data, Google search data and results from the 2015 Google/TSN Auto Shopper Study.

It also included the data produced as a result of a Milward Brown Digital commissioned study conducted by Google based on the auto shopping consumer sales funnel. Overall, this revealed that digital and mobile marketing played a considerable role in influencing the decisions made by car buyers as 70 percent of people who use YouTube had been influenced by video content when they made their auto purchasing choices.

The report provided a number of important pieces of insight into online and mobile marketing trends in car buying.

Mobile Marketing - Auto BuyersAmong the highlights of the report were the following:

• 70 percent of people who use YouTube in the vehicle purchasing process said that the video content they saw had an impact on the choices they decided to make.
• The average car buyer made only two visits to dealerships before making their decision.
• 60 percent of vehicle buyers start the shopping process without knowing which car they actually intended to buy.
• Mobile searches taking place from within the actual dealership lots had risen by 46 percent over the 12 months prior to the study.

Though this data aligned with the predictions that have been made within the auto industry with regards to the influence of mobile advertising, search and video content, it is interesting to see the speed at which consumers are adopting digital methods of informing themselves and are reducing the number of visits they are actually making to a dealership before deciding on the vehicle and purchasing method they intend to use.

What is now being found is that many of the most important influences on consumers come from micro moments when mobile marketing has the greatest influence. It is at those moments that shoppers take out their mobile devices in order to learn an additional piece of information instead of going to a salesperson directly.

Mobile marketing benchmark study shows the power of video

The MMA has now released the outcomes of its first ever research focusing on this subject.

The Mobile Marketing Association has now shared the results of its Mobile Video Benchmark Study, which is the first research of its nature that had been commissioned by the organization.

The MMA commissioned the study in order to be able to provide solid insight about the use of video.

The study was commissioned by both the MMA and its Mobile Video Committee. Its purpose was to examine the performance of video in mobile marketing so that insight could be provided to publishers, agencies, advertisers, and third party video servers, among others who could stand to benefit from the expanding popularity of the technique. This appears to be exactly what this benchmark study has managed to accomplish.

The mobile marketing insights are considered to be first of their kind, particularly considering their source.

According to the MMA’s CEO, Greg Stuart, “This collaboration of MMA members to produce a ‘first of its kind’ Mobile Video Benchmarking Study validates that mobile video is beyond the tipping point. We are seeing new behaviors and attitudes develop as mobile becomes validated as the real first screen.”Mobile Marketing Study

He also added that it is becoming ever more evident that video over smartphones is becoming a “very powerful too” to be used by promoters, advertisers, and marketers, as they seek to access the “biggest transformation” that has ever been experienced within the marketing industry.

There were four primary topics of insight that were the focus of the study. These included:

• Mobile video engagement
• Mobile video ad length
• Mobile video at midnight
• Ad frequency engagement

Within each category, several statistics, observations, and predictions were made to help to better understand mobile marketing using video and to predict the direction that it could take. The MMA has also stated that it intends to continue in the creation and production of this study, over time, as they continue to pursue a better understanding of the way in which these early metrics will perform into the coming months and years. It also intends to keep the doors open to the evaluation of new metrics that will expand on the insight into the benefits and nature of mobile video.