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Mobile social media marketing move by Twitter to include ad product for apps

The micro blogging site has announced that it is close to the release of this option.

It has now been revealed that Twitter’s latest initiative in the area of mobile social media marketing will be the release of a new product that will make it possible for app developers to be able to install ads that will help to encourage application downloads.

This format is called an app install ad and its goal is to help to attract more marketers to Twitter.

Specifically, Twitter is seeking to use the mobile social media marketing opportunity to draw marketers from the game and e-commerce industries. Once the ads within mobile Twitter feeds are clicked, the user is redirected to the page of the advertiser within an app store where the application from the ad can be downloaded.

The social network is likely using this mobile social media marketing move to help keep its IPO promises.

At its initial public offering, Twitter had stated that it would be boosting its mobile ad offerings and that is exactly what this step appears to be. Since November, the stock for the company has skyrocketed by 78 percent and analysts are currently predicting that its annual revenue will increase to nearly double, reaching $1.2 billion by the close of this year. This, despite the fact that user growth has been slowing down.Mobiel Social Media Marketing

The mobile channel is a central element to the business at Twitter, as it is over mobile devices that the user base is growing at its fastest rate. Furthermore 75 percent of the company’s ad revenue comes from that channel, alone.

Other social networking companies have been highly successful in the use of app install ads. They were introduced in October 2012 by Facebook and by last year they had brought in 245 million downloads. Candy Crush was advertised by King Digital Entertainment over Facebook and that app has now become one of the most popular games for those devices. King has just experienced its own IPO.

Now, Twitter will be using this mobile social media marketing opportunity for its own purposes and it has been testing its app install ads for a number of weeks to ensure that they are functioning as expected.

Facebook social media marketing ad format launch underscores mobile shortfalls

This recent addition by the giant network is shining a light on the failures marketers have made in connecting with smartphone users.

A recent addition to the Facebook social media marketing offerings is a new ad format that provides brands with the opportunity to engage with smartphone users once again when they have already previously installed their apps onto their mobile devices.

This also points out a number of flawed ideas that have developed regarding with mobile communications by marketers.

This new step has drawn attention to some of the flaws that have come up in the ways that Facebook social media marketing has been adopted by marketers in order to communicate with their audiences over mobile channels. The new format was designed to help to compensate for the failings in the way that the social network has been used in the past by advertisers.

There remain considerable weaknesses in the use of Facebook social media marketing, particularly over mobile.Facebook social media marketing for mobile

The new ad format is designed to help to overcome that problem by giving brands a way to develop a call to action for customers that have already downloaded the brand’s app from within the social network’s own application, but have then stopped using the brand’s app. As there will be a number of different formats available, it will be possible for marketers to direct mobile users on the social network to check out specific features and content from within their own apps.

The point of these new formats is to give brands the chance to obtain a new “second chance” in which they can engage with smartphone users once again after having encouraged them to download their app, but then having failed to keep them interested. This could provide advertisers with a considerable opportunity to communicate with users, or it may simply offer yet another way in which they will miss the point and generate only temporary interest in a brand.

The entire premise behind the Facebook social media marketing attempt is that if it is there, people will come to get it. Though this has many quite excited, there has been considerable skepticism expressed, as well. Only time will tell.