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Most common items purchased over mobile shopping are clothing

Europeans are using their smartphones to buy things and are scooping up deals on clothes.

The results of a study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of ING have been announced and they have shown that consumers in Europe are taking advantage of mobile shopping as well over half of them (58 percent) use their devices to make purchases.

The countries that shop over mobile devices the most in Europe were found to be Turkey and Poland.

At the other end of the scale, Belgium and the Netherlands were the countries in which consumers were least likely to take part in mobile shopping. That said, throughout all of the countries, it was clothing that was the most popular item to purchase. This is a surprising fact, considering that this is the type of product that consumers will usually want to try on before they make a purchase. That said, more than one third (35 percent) of people in Europe who have smartphones and tablets had used their mobile devices to purchase an article of clothing.

The second most common type of item purchased over mobile shopping was electronics (32 percent).

Mobile Shopping for ClothesThe third most common mobile commerce category was gaming products, which were purchased by 19 percent of device owning Europeans. Other shopping categories included groceries (17 percent), music (16 percent) and travel (16 percent). All of this data was released in the ING International Survey on Mobile Banking, which was designed to take a closer look at the m-commerce habits of over 10,000 mobile device using consumers throughout Europe.

Among the drivers that have been credited with the popularity of the use of smartphone and tablet commerce has been the simplicity of “one click” ordering. The study showed that 55 percent of mobile shoppers had a greater inclination to make a purchase on their devices when the store allowed them to save their payment information so that they would not be required to enter it the next time they made a purchase.

That said, the draw of these types of convenience have suggested that mobile shopping may be causing some consumers to miss out on certain cheaper deals because they spend less time looking around so that they will be able to check out more quickly.

eBay looks to kick start holiday season


eBay sets eyes on Thanksgiving day to launch mobile commerce campaign

Online retail giant eebay mobile marketingBay is gearing up for the coming 2012 holiday season by appealing to mobile consumers. The retailer has long been attuned to the wants of consumers with mobile devices and their interest in mobile commerce. eBay is preparing to launch an ambitious and massive campaign to kick start the holiday season by offering mobile consumers a huge number of deals and discounts for products they may be interested in. The retailer plans to launch this campaign just as consumers finish dinner on Thanksgiving day.

Retailer unwilling to wait for Black Friday to begin offering deals

Typically, retailers wait until the day after Thanksgiving to launch major savings and deals. This day, commonly known as Black Friday, is the most important day for the retail industry, as the business they do in that 24-hour period can generally make or break a sales year. A new national survey from Edelman Berland shows that the majority of American consumers finish their Thanksgiving dinner at 5:23 p.m. Eastern time. Instead of waiting for the following day to launch Black Friday, eBay will be launching its campaign just as consumers finish their dinner.

Early start may net eBay success

The retailer will be offering a massive number of deals for mobile consumers, hoping to entice these consumers to participate in mobile commerce. Using the eBay mobile application, as well as other platforms, consumers will be able to make purchases directly from the retailer, as well as its auction branch. eBay expects to find major success with this campaign as it will be one of the few, if not the only, retailer to begin the holiday retail season so early.

Retail industry poised to take advantage of popularity of mobile commerce

eBay will not be the only retailer looking to engage mobile consumers. Others in the industry have taken note of the growing popularity surrounding mobile commerce and have begun looking for ways to engage people. This holiday season may prove just how popular and effective mobile commerce can be for those that are still on the fence concerning the issue or those considering it to be a passing fad.