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M-commerce pilot has been unveiled by Time Inc

Editions of the products will be compatible with Kindle and iPad and consumers will be able to shop directly from the page.

The Time Inc. tablet edition of All You has now added m-commerce capabilities that make the pages directly shoppable for consumers, starting in the may issue as a part of a pilot program.

A “shop now” icon is available for customers reading using a Kindle Fire or iPad for information and purchasing.

By selecting the m-commerce option, the reader can either find out where they can purchase a product, or they can use a direct link to purchase it online on their device. At the moment, the print magazine is being sold on some newsstands, at Walmart, and through standard subscriptions.

These print titles will have m-commerce capabilities, as will the tablet editions.

The results of a recent All You and Insight Strategy Group survey showed that among the magazine’s subscribers and other women, 62 percent seek m-commerce shopping deals for products on their mobile devices. The deputy editor of All You, Geoge Kimmerling, said that “Ninety percent of women in the survey think of themselves as smart bargain shoppers.”

The new m-commerce direct shopping function has been created through a partnership between ShopAdvisor – an app commerce services provider – and the magazine. In order to use the function, an email address must be entered. Then, if a price change occurs on an item that is being watched, a message is sent to the reader in order to alert him or her.TIME - M-commerce Pilot

The ShopAdvisor and Time Inc. partnership is currently in a pilot phase in the All you magazine, with that title being the leading brand on this project as a whole. Until a full launch occurs, Kimmerling stated that they will be observing and tracking the engagement rate metrics with the various shoppable pages, and will seek to discover how many people watch a product versus how many people will actually buy.

They will also look at the difference in the results between the tablet and the standard editions. These versions had each page thoroughly examined in order to make sure that the m-commerce function was fully in place and each issue is completely shoppable.

Mobile commerce app benefits Walmart shoppers

Walmart mobile commerceMobile Consumers can now enjoy a fast shopping experience with mobile scanning technology.

Retail giant Walmart is widening its mobile commerce footprint with its new Scan & Go mobile app that allows iPhone users the ability to scan the items they want to buy, which they can then purchase at a self-checkout with quick convenience.

New smartphone scanning technology provides shoppers with independence.

According to information from Walmart’s Scan & Go promotional material, “Scan & Go is a new way to shop in Walmart stores that allows YOU to take control of your shopping experience.” The new scanning technology transforms iPhone devices into mini mobile shopping helpers that allow consumers to browse the store, scan what they want, place the selected scanned products in their basket or cart, and head to a self-checkout where they pay for their scanned goods and leave. Customers can shop and go with no fuss and skip the long checkout line.

The new mobile commerce application is expected to reach 200 stores.

Currently, approximately 70 Walmart stores are Scan & Go compatible. Based on information from a published report, the total number of stores expected to offer this mobile commerce service is 200. When all is said and done, the company’s aim is to introduce the scan technology to 12 new markets in addition to the Atlanta market and the areas near Bentonville, Arkansas where the technology already exists.

iPhone users who would like to gain access to the Walmart application will find it available for download at Apple’s App Store. When the user accesses the app in a compatible Walmart store, a message will be displayed giving the consumer the option to choose “Store Mode”. From this point, they can begin scanning product barcodes with their smartphone. When the customer is done shopping, they take their items to the self-checkout where they will able to pay for these pre-scanned products by transferring the data from their phone to the register by scanning a QR code displayed on the resister screen.

An Android version of Scan & Go is not yet available but will be released in the near future. Currently, the mobile commerce app is only available for Apple iPhone devices that run iOS 5 or higher.