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In-store mobile commerce tools may boost sales

A new report showed that this technology sends more traffic into shops and could increase sales.

As shoppers increasingly look to smartphones for products in-store mobile commerce tools are having a greater impact. Brick and mortar shops that offer additional shopping assistance over mobile devices see more traffic and sales.

A recent DMI report showed that 70 percent of U.S. shoppers always or regularly use mobile devices to shop.

Still, retailers have yet to fully implement the kind of in-store mobile commerce opportunities that consumers love. This kind of m-commerce tool has the ability to raise customer engagement and in-store efficiency. Yet they are still not commonplace.

Recent research showed that shoppers want to use their mobile devices while in brick and mortar stores. More specifically, they want to be able to use smartphones as a part of self-checkout systems. They also want to be able to gain access to store inventory. When they are being assisted by a store associate, consumers want to receive alerts to tell them when their items are ready.

In-store mobile commerce tools can incentivize customers to visit shops more frequently.

In-Store Mobile Commerce - Shopping MallThese mobile apps and other features can also encourage customers to spend larger amounts once they’re there.

The DMI report provided significant insight into this trend. Among U.S. shoppers, 61 percent would visit a favorite retail shop more frequently if it had a better application. These consumers want more tools and improved value from retail apps.

Furthermore, 57 percent of shoppers said they would spend more money in-store if they had a better app to use. Another 70 percent of consumers said they would select one retailer over another based on the mobile tools they offer.

Retailers have traditionally struggled in encouraging consumers to download their mobile apps. The barriers to download include an aversion to standalone apps for every retailer they like. Moreover, many consumers don’t like the clunky functionality many apps have to offer.

However, when retailers introduce strong mobile tools, there are two strong benefits. The first benefit is enhanced user engagement. The second benefit is the chance to boost in-store foot traffic.

Personalized mobile shopping app launched by Under Armour

UA Shop will provide consumers with a personalized mobile shopping experience.

Popular sports apparel maker Under Armour has announced the launch of its first mobile shopping app, which has been built on the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform and designed to improve and personalize the consumer shopping experience. Called UA Shop, the mobile commerce app will tie into the company’s digital fitness apps, integrating data from the brand’s fitness platform, which includes its own apps and websites that track diet, exercise, sleep and other activities related to health and fitness, reported The Baltimore Sun.

The UA Shop application will provide product recommendations based on fitness tracking data.

According to Under Armour, the digital fitness data will allow for UA Shop to create a personalized shopping experience for every consumer that is based on his or her previous purchase history, workout history and athlete inspiration.

Under Armour Launches Mobile Shopping App - UA LogoThe app will recommend products based on the individual user’s specific fitness tracking data. For instance, a consumer who lives in a cooler climate and who enjoys hiking may be recommended products such as an Armour outerwear or baselayer. On the other hand, a consumer in a warmer climate who has recorded several runs via the MapMyRun app may be provided with running footwear or UA CoolSwitch apparel options.

Under Armour’s mobile shopping app is one-of-a-kind.

According to the company, its UA Shop retail app is the only one on the market directly connected to the health and fitness data of over 170 million digital fitness members.

Under Armour’s senior vice president of revenue, Jason LaRose, said in a press release that “UA Shop is the next step in our connected fitness evolution as Under Armour becomes a true Math House.” LaRose added that “This app was created to maximize our digital platform and complement our existing in-store experiences by bringing consumers a way to find the products they want, when they want it.”

Presently, the mobile shopping app is available exclusively to iOS users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. That being said, the company has said that UA Shop will also become available to Android users and should be heading to the Google Play store soon.