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New mobile security suite offered by Trend Micro

Mobile SecurityTrend Micro releases updated version of mobile security software

Trend Micro, a leading developer of mobile security solutions, has launched the latest version of its popular Trend Micro Mobile Security software. The latest version was inspired by the rising frequency of malware that specifically targets the Android platform as well as the privacy concerns that continue to plague Facebook and other social networking sites. As smartphones and tablets become more common, security is becoming a serious issue that has only recently been receiving significant attention.

New Android threats being discovered on a daily basis

According to Trend Micro, more than 350,000 unique malware applications targeting the Android platform have emerged throughout the world over the past year. These are only applications that security firms have discovered, Trend Micro suggests that there are at least one million malicious applications that have yet to be uncovered. Many of these applications are designed to steal a consumer’s personal information and use this information for some kind of gain.

Facebook information may be at risk of theft

Trend Micro notes that privacy concerns regarding social networking sites are also becoming a serious issue, especially among mobile consumers. According to the firm, approximately 680 million people access Facebook through their smartphone or tablet. Because many mobile devices do not have inherent security features, the information being shared with Facebook is not completely protected, putting this information at risk of theft and exploitation.

Trend Micro offers new mobile security tools to keep consumers safe

The Trend Micro Mobile Security software is designed to protect the Android platform and users of the Facebook mobile application. The software provides a fast scanning feature that can quickly and effectively root out malware that may have infected a user’s mobile device. It also helps Facebook users improve their privacy settings to make their information more secure through the social network. The new software is expected to be a major benefit for those that are concerned with mobile security and keeping their information free from the threat of exploitation.

McAfee updates mobile security suite


McAfee Mobile Security platform gets new features

McAfee, a leading developer of sMobile Security Technologyecurity solutions, has released an enhanced version of its McAfee Mobile Security platform. The new version of the application features the App Lock service, which is designed to protect a mobile consumer’s privacy while using their smart phone or tablet. The updated McAfee Mobile Security platform also introduces a more streamlined user interface, which is expected to make it easier for mobile consumers to navigate the application’s various features.

Mobile security becoming a growing concern for consumers

Mobile security is becoming a serious issue for mobile consumers around the world. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to keep track of vital information and to keep track of their finances. This makes these devices very attractive targets for hackers who are keen to exploit this information for personal gain. McAfee, as well as other security companies, have been urging consumers to ensure that their mobile devices are as secure as possible, making use of one or more of the security applications available to them.

App Lock protects popular applications

The McAfee Mobile Security App Lock feature provides consumers with a way to protect their privacy by preventing the malicious use of some of the world’s most popular mobile applications. These applications include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. These applications are often targeted by hackers in order to gain access to sensitive information. The App Lock feature literally locks these applications, preventing them from being used without authorization from their owner. McAfee believes that the App Lock feature is another layer of protection that consumers can use to ensure the security of their mobile device.

Platform provides array of active protection

The McAfee Mobile Security platform also offers a range of anti-virus and anti-malware features, as well as protection against theft through a comprehensive back-up data storage service. The platform actively monitors a mobile device to guard against mobile security breaches and can also warn consumers of websites that are known to host malicious content.