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McAfee updates mobile security suite


McAfee Mobile Security platform gets new features

McAfee, a leading developer of sMobile Security Technologyecurity solutions, has released an enhanced version of its McAfee Mobile Security platform. The new version of the application features the App Lock service, which is designed to protect a mobile consumer’s privacy while using their smart phone or tablet. The updated McAfee Mobile Security platform also introduces a more streamlined user interface, which is expected to make it easier for mobile consumers to navigate the application’s various features.

Mobile security becoming a growing concern for consumers

Mobile security is becoming a serious issue for mobile consumers around the world. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to keep track of vital information and to keep track of their finances. This makes these devices very attractive targets for hackers who are keen to exploit this information for personal gain. McAfee, as well as other security companies, have been urging consumers to ensure that their mobile devices are as secure as possible, making use of one or more of the security applications available to them.

App Lock protects popular applications

The McAfee Mobile Security App Lock feature provides consumers with a way to protect their privacy by preventing the malicious use of some of the world’s most popular mobile applications. These applications include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. These applications are often targeted by hackers in order to gain access to sensitive information. The App Lock feature literally locks these applications, preventing them from being used without authorization from their owner. McAfee believes that the App Lock feature is another layer of protection that consumers can use to ensure the security of their mobile device.

Platform provides array of active protection

The McAfee Mobile Security platform also offers a range of anti-virus and anti-malware features, as well as protection against theft through a comprehensive back-up data storage service. The platform actively monitors a mobile device to guard against mobile security breaches and can also warn consumers of websites that are known to host malicious content.

INSIDE Secure introduces VaultSecure platform

VaultSecure aims to transform mobile commerce

INSIDE Secure, a  mobile security firm, has launched a new platform called VaultSecure that will help consumers manage multiple mobile wallet applications on their smart phone or tablet. The company believes that the VaultSecure platform will help transform the mobile commerce industry. INSIDE Secure suggests that this will be the first time that smart phone makers, network operators, and others in the telecommunications industry will be able to share a secure element on a single mobile device.

Days of clashing mobile commerce applications may be history

Before VaultSecure, smart phones were only capable of supporting a single mobile commerce application without trouble. Multiple applications on a single device would often cause problems due to the clashing security features they have in place. In some cases, multiple mobile commerce applications could actually make financial information more vulnerable, thus leading many mobile network operators to favor a particular platform over others. This has led to severe fragmentation within the mobile commerce market.

Platform allows various appliVaultSecure Mobile Securitycations to coexist on a single device

This fragmentation can be seen all over the world. In the U.S., Google, Isis, and the newly formed Merchant Customer Exchange, are all vying for the affection of consumers and businesses interested in mobile commerce. Through SecureVault, the applications coming from these groups can coexist on a single mobile device, each able to access a consumer’s financial information independently. The platform will also encrypt this information for each of the mobile commerce applications, adding an extra layer of protection against malicious attacks.

Competition may prove to fierce for VaultSecure to find traction

INSIDE Secure will be selling VaultSecure to makers of smart phones and tablets. These companies will then have to work with the various companies involved in mobile commerce to incorporate the platform. Given the highly competitive nature of the burgeoning mobile commerce industry, it may be difficult to convince companies that having their platform exist alongside that of their competitors as a sound business move.