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Mobile security vulnerability discovered in Wi-Fi using apps

A new opportunity for attackers to gain access to smartphone apps from these networks has been discovered.

This week, mobile security experts demonstrated an example of the discovery that was recently made that allows a very simple attack to be made which exploits a code vulnerability in Apple iOS applications.

This vulnerability gives attackers the ability to persistently alter server URLs from which the data is loaded to the apps.

This means that the attacker will be able to change the URL from which the iOS application is loading its data, presenting a massive mobile security threat. This is particularly unpleasant as the victim will not know when it is happening nor that it has occurred. It means that the attacker could invisibly use the data to be able to load malicious links or to insert false news regarding market movements into a news application.

The makers of the applications were not notified of the mobile security threat ahead of the announcement to the public.

The mobile security threat was identified by Skycure and it has, in the past, already notified app makers of this type of threat’s existence. Typically, the developers are provided with this knowledge ahead of the public announcement. However, in this circumstance, they stated that it was not possible for them to wait to notify developers before making this information public. They felt that because the vulnerability was present in hundreds of different apps – including stock management applications – it was important for people to be notified as soon as possible, without waiting to tell the app makers, first.

Skycure, a mobile security expert firm, declined to provide the names of the specific apps that were tested positive for the threat. The reason was that they didn’t want to provide this information to potential attackers who could exploit this knowledge before a solution to the issue could be found. The company’s chief technology officer, Yair Amit, said that “The vulnerability affects so many apps that it’s virtually impossible to alert app makers.” The researchers from the company also assembled a short video to demonstrate how an app could be manipulated by an attacker.

Mobile security platform launched by Comcast

mobile security comcastComcast takes aim at mobile security

Comcast, one of the largest communications companies in the U.S., has launched a new mobile security application for smart phones and tablets. The applications, called Constant Guard Mobile, aims to address the growing issue of mobile security  and help protect consumers from exploitation. Comcast claims that new threats are emerging in the mobile space on a nearly daily basis. Without adequate protection, a consumer’s information is prone to theft and can be used to nefarious ends.

Cybercrime is becoming a very serious threat in the US

Comcast Vice President of Strategic Services suggests that cybercrime is becoming more common throughout the mobile world. Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are very attractive targets for hackers because of the kind of information that is stored on them. Consumers often use their mobile devices to check their bank accounts, make purchases, and share personal information. Because mobile devices are so important to consumers throughout the U.S., Comcast is taking steps to address any mobile security concerns these people may have.

Security platform may help protect consumers

Comcast is the first Internet service company in the country to offer mobile security services for smart phones and tablets. The Constant Guard Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The company is developing a desktop version of the security suite and intend to offer this version as a new way for PC users to protect themselves while online. Comcast believes that the platform will help keep consumers safe from hacking attempts, malware, and other forms of cybercrime.

Reliance on mobile technology breeds new concerns for security

Mobile security is becoming more of a problem as people begin to rely more heavily on their mobile devices. In the early years of mobile technology, mobile phones where very limited in the amount of information they contained. Now, however, many people pour their entire lives into their mobile devices, making them valuable targets for malicious parties that may benefit through the use of this information. Comcast is one among several companies that is working to improve the access consumers have to comprehensive mobile security solutions.