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Mobile commerce adoption is on the rise

A recent ComScore study revealed a positive trend in the use of m-commerce shopping channels.

ComScore has released the results of one of its newest studies. It showed that mobile commerce adoption was on the rise and usage increased by 40 percent. Moreover, mobile recorded a much higher growth than desktop. E-commerce rose by 11 percent during the same span of time.

Overall, the total discretionary retail growth was up by 4 percent during the first quarter of 2016.

The study revealed a 3 percent year over year increase in total digital commerce dollars share held by mobile. The mobile commerce adoption and use share increased from 16.9 percent in Q1 2015 to 18.6 percent in Q1 2016.

Consumers continue to spend only small amounts of money on m-commerce platform purchases. This, despite the fact that they use this method very frequently during the shopping journey. In fact, mobile shopping is considered to be a highly popular mainstream activity. However, data shows that consumers aren’t spending there.

Mobile commerce adoption is rapidly climbing but the spending over that channel isn’t rising as fast.

mobile commerce adoptionConsumers spend two thirds (66 percent) of their total retail time on smartphones. Equally, those same consumers spend only 19 percent of their total retail dollars over m-commerce shopping. Conversely, the opposite was true for desktop using consumers. Those shoppers spent 34 percent of their retail time on laptops and desktops. At the same time, they spent 81 percent of their retail dollars on those computers.

That figure represents a gap of 47 percent. Companies may consider evaluating that statistic as the months and years pass.

When it comes to mobile commerce adoption, the holiday shopping season in 2015 played a critical role. Retail traffic skyrocketed over digital channels. M-commerce outpaced e-commerce every single day from November 1 to the end of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday both saw well over 200 million visits in the retail category over mobile channels. As a whole, mobile shopping jumped by 60 percent from the 2014 holiday shopping season to that of 2015. There were 8.1 billion holiday shopping visits over mobile apps and 9.8 billion visits over mobile web last year.

Mobile commerce is booming among Millennials

Survey shows that more people are using their devices to shop online and off

A new survey from GfK and Facebook IQ shows that consumers are beginning to favor their mobile devices when it comes to shopping online. Many people are beginning to rely on their smartphones in their daily lives, and the idea of mobile shopping is becoming very appealing to them. The survey suggests that mobile commerce will see strong growth in the coming years, especially among Millennials who have become very comfortable with using their smartphones to get their shopping done.

Millennials are proving to be the demographic most comfortable with the concept of mobile shopping

According to the survey from GfK and Facebook IQ, approximately 45% of all shopping done both online and off involve a mobile device in some way. Some 57% of Millennials use their devices while shopping, with a growing number of these people opting to pay for products with their smartphones rather than traditional currency. Consumers enjoy a seamless experience, where they can move from one payment channel to the next without much trouble.

Omni-channel shoppers use their devices to research and purchase products online and in physical stores

Mobile Commerce & MillenialsThese so called “omni-channel” shoppers believe that the Internet is a vital part of the shopping experience. Mobile commerce does not only involve purchasing products with a smartphone, as consumers also use their devices to research products that they are interested in. Indeed, the majority of consumers that research products with their devices also made purchases. Approximately 60% of omni-channel shoppers noted that they will likely use their mobile devices to make purchases more frequently this year.

Retailers becoming more mobile-centric are finding it easier to connect with consumers

Many retailers had feared that the rise of mobile commerce would lead to a major decrease in sales. For merchants without an online presence, this may be true, but retailers focusing on the mobile sector are finding it easier to connect with consumers. These retailers are likely to become more mobile-centric in the coming years, especially as new mobile commerce platforms become available to consumers.