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Mobile payment solutions have now been launched by VeriFone and Pinnacle

Mobile payments launchedThe latest services from the companies have been unveiled for use by the retail marketplace.

VeriFone Systems Inc. and The Pinnacle Corp. have both announced their launches of brand new mobile payments solutions for the retail market space, at a time when these unveilings are being made with increasing speed by various entrants to this ecosystem.

This new point of sale service is a part of the partnership that has been made with the National Payment Card Association.

Pinnacle is an automated technology provider for the petroleum and convenience store industries. It entered into a partnership with the National Payment Card Association (NPCA) in order to be able to launch the Pinnacle Palm POS mobile payments service. The solution is designed to give retailers an app that has been customized with their own branding and that will permit consumers who use it to use their smartphones to make purchase transactions instead of a debit or credit card.

This mobile payments solution uses a very simple strategy for its card authorization.

The design of the system means that the mobile payments user will not need to share his or her personal data across a network. Moreover, it also means that the existing infrastructure for the retailer will not need to be changed, said Pinnacle. The Palm POS smartphone transaction service will broaden the partnership between the company and the NPCA for six years.

According to Drew Mize, the chief operating officer from Pinnacle “We are very excited about the launch of our mobile payments strategy, leveraging our existing and successful partnership with NPCA of many years and their portfolio of intellectual property.” He went on to say that they are providing a solution that is outside of PCI’s scope, which “is based on the foundation of standards that is being evaluated by PCATS; and designed to support both outside and inside payments, this solution has potential for rapid deployment by any retailer using Palm POS.”

The NPCA is now offering the mobile payments through Palm POS to users of both Android and iOS based smartphones. At the same time, VeriFone has announced its own portable, countertop, and smartphone transaction systems.

Mobile payments system launched by Citibank for its customers

Mobile Payments CitibankThis will allow cardholders in India to take advantage of a paperless program for debit and credit.

Citibank India has just announced that it is making a new mobile payments system available to provide paperless banking to its credit and debit cardholders, which would eliminate the need for printed receipts.

The service will then go on to become available to the entire Citigroup global network.

This mcommerce news places Citibank India at the very head of all of the Citigroup country franchises that have launched a mobile payments solution that is innovative within the industry. This particular system was developed in conjunction with the technology available through its partner in the venture, Ezetap.

The bank released a statement that indicated that it already has seven mobile payments partnerships.

By the launch of the mobile payments service in India, it had already established partnerships with seven of the country’s leading brands. It hopes that a large number of its over 320 million cardholders will embrace this technologies and begin to see their mobile devices as a new way to complete credit and debit transactions.

The new mobile payments solution is designed to assist consumers in being able to buy a number of different goods and services. However, it will also allow them to pay bills, such as their smartphone service invoice or their insurance premiums. It can also help them to purchase tickets to movies, the theater, and various events. All of these transactions can be completed wherever the consumer happens to be: at home, at work, or elsewhere, and the purchases will be charged to the Citibank card of their choice.

That said, the banking institution has also said that the mobile payments will also allow consumers to make purchases at retail locations, themselves, without having to stand in line to reach the checkout counter. Instead, they will be able to complete a paperless transaction at any point in the store. Citibank has explained that it hopes that this will eliminate the need to have to keep track of sales receipts and slips, for convenience both for the consumer and the merchant, alike.