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Will you soon be making mobile payments through Facebook Messenger?

The mobile app is reportedly adding a number of surprising features including “secret chats” among others.

Following changes made to the Facebook Messenger app including giving it its own virtual assistant, rumor has it that this popular messaging application will soon also have mobile payments among other options that appeal to its users.

Many media outlets are speculating that smartphone based payments and “secret chats” will be on their way.

Privacy is among the latest hot topics when it comes to mobile technology, so the ability to bring an added level of encryption that would make it possible to hold secret chats would potentially also help to keep mobile payments secure, in theory. The idea is not necessarily an off the wall one. If a large enough investment is being made into keeping chats secure then it might makes sense for Facebook to apply this type of mobile security to other features, as well. As mobile wallets are blossoming everywhere nowadays, this addition to the social media platform could be a logical next step.

Despite the fact that mobile payments and secret chats have been mentioned regularly, details are not immediately available.

Facebook - Mobile PaymentsThere have been many speculations as to what would be involved in the new features that have been suggested for the Facebook Messenger app. For example, using separate password protection for specific chats could make an interesting difference to the security level available for certain discussions between users.

The main thought with regards to the smartphone payments aspect is that the messenger app would make it possible to send money to family and friends who are also users. This could suggest that the social network is seeking to compete with other digital payments platforms such as Android Pay, Apple Pay and even PayPal.

The feature that was identified in a leak that has been spread by several media sources indicated that the app could be used for mobile payments in store. This could mean that Facebook is seeking to reach far out and beyond communicating with people the users already know. At the time of the writing of this article, the company had yet to confirm or deny any of these claims.

Visa releases mobile payments developer platform

The credit card giant has launched its Visa Developer, providing access to some of its top transaction tech.

Visa has now announced that it has launched a new platform called Visa Developer, which provides access to some of the credit card giants most popular traditional and mobile payments services and technologies.

This new release provides access to a range of tech and services, and promises that more are coming soon.

This will include access to person-to person mobile payments capabilities, account holder identification, online payment services (like Visa Checkout), secure in-store payment services, as well as consumer transaction alerts and even currency conversions. The credit card company has confirmed that it will be opining up its payment capabilities access even more as 2016 progresses.

The Visa Developer platform for online and mobile payments has been in its beta phase for several months.

Visa launches mobile payments platformThere have been several companies that have come up with prototype mobile wallet apps based on the use of the Visa Developer platform. Among them have included: National Australia Bank, Emirates NBD, CIBC, Scotiabank, RBC, TD Bank, VenueNext, U.S. Bank, TSYS, and Capital One. This platform works by turning Visa’s various payment services and products into a mobile app programming interface (API).

Among the key features of the platform include:

• That it is a developer portal available around the world.
• It provides ways to search through the payment products and services at Visa.
• It offers sample code, documents, community interactions, reference apps, customer support, blogs and announcements.
• There is a testing sandbox through which a plug and play experience can be used by developers and to allow data to be tested by Visa.
• It is an open platform that allows hundreds of Visa SDKs and APIs to be accessed for some of the most popular products and capabilities the company has to offer.

Developers are able to use this platform to create online and mobile payments workflows such as push payments, peer-to-peer payments, merchant checkouts and even secure transactions through the use of tokenization. Mobile commerce, bill payments, and domestic/international remittance, among others, can also be created through Visa Developer.