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Mobile payments tablet POS debuted by Groupon after false start

Groupon - Mobile payments are a goThe daily deal provider accidentally released its application early, but it is now available for iPads.

Although the element of surprise was no longer available following the false start of the mobile payments tablet POS app from Groupon at the Apple App Store, the application has now been officially released for use by businesses.

The company had previously released the app for download, only to take it back down again hours later.

Following the premature launch, the Groupon mobile payments app was added to the App Store for iPad once more. This application is a new version of its Breadcrumb POS solution. The company is hoping that it will help to broaden its footprint from being relatively limited to bars and restaurants, into all forms of brick and mortar company, instead.

This iPad mobile payments app launch has the potential to replace traditional cash registers.

According to the statement released by the Groupon vice president of merchant OS, Mihir Shah, “With this launch we can help every local business replace their outdated cash registers with a modern, affordable, money-saving tool that allows them to save on credit card transaction fees and run their businesses better.”

Beyond the Breadcrumb POS mobile payments launch, Groupon has also announced that it is rebranding its original point of sale solution – that is, the one that was geared toward restaurants and bars – as its Breadcrumb Pro solution. Both of the available solutions come with the Breadcrumb Payments feature, which allow for quick and easy credit and debit transactions for restaurants and retailers, alike.

Beyond mobile payments credit and debit transaction acceptance, the solution also provides a number of additional features, such as live support, next day deposits, and analytics. However, what many in the industry think will be the primary selling point of the service to businesses will be the guarantee of the lowest rates.

At the moment, Groupon’s mobile payments POS solution comes with a 1.8 percent, plus 15 cents per transaction, fee. Moreover, it also includes free processing for the first $5,000 that the merchant brings in through transactions in its Breadcrumb POS system.

Mobile payments seeing action in the food industry

Mobile Payments Food IndustrySquare aims to make mobile payments better for the food industry

The food industry may soon get a powerful new advocate when it comes to mobile payments. Square, a California-based mobile commerce startup, has been making waves in the mobile world for some time. The company is partly responsible for the spread of mobile commerce in the U.S. and in several markets therein. Square, like others in the mobile payments business, has taken note of the growing proliferation of mobile technology, which itself has created a major opportunity to expose consumers to a new form of commerce.

Mobile commerce finds significant traction with restaurants

Square is well known as the creator of smartphone-based credit card readers that facilitate mobile payments. These small devices are capable of replacing traditional point-of-sale terminals with more convenient mobile technologies, allowing users to bypass traditional forms of commerce. Square’s devices have proven quite popular in several industries, but small restaurants, food truck operators, and others in the food industry have proven to be the company’s best customers.

Square to introduce update for popular application

Square is now moving to embrace the food industry in a more aggressive fashion. Several months ago, Square launched its “Business in a Box” product, which essentially transforms an iPad into a full-fledged point-of-sale system. Late last week, Square announced an update for the application associated with this product. The Square Register application will soon receive an update that is designed specifically for quick-serve restaurants. This update is expected to allow users to make real-time modifications to orders that are sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Mobile payments continue to prove popular among consumers

A more robust system is likely to be well received by the food industry, which has taken a strong interest in mobile commerce. Mobile payments have already proven to be very popular among consumers, many of whom are tethered to their smartphones and tablets and favor mobile solutions to their daily needs. Square intends to alleviate some of the issues that exist in the mobile payments sector in order to make it more accommodating to both consumers and businesses.