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Cyber Monday mobile commerce report from IBM shows 55 percent growth

Sales growth was considerable, according to the data that was released by the tech giant.

As per the data collected at the start of the week, American shoppers have now enjoyed the largest Cyber Monday mobile commerce experience in history, after having increased online sales by 20.6 percent over last year’s sales data.

This, according to the information that was issued by IBM in their cloud based analytics findings.

When it came to sales on the first business day of this week, Cyber Monday mobile commerce led the way, breaking the 17 percent mark of all online purchases. This is a tremendous 55.4 percent rise over the figure from last year. That day also represented the end of the largest five day online sales period in history for the United States. It included November 28 through December 2. When compared to 2012, it saw 16.5 percent more sales.

IBM feels that this is a continuing trend as people increasingly turn to Cyber Monday mobile commerce channels.

Cyber Monday Mobile Commerce NewsAccording to IBM Smarter Commerce strategy director, Jay Henderson, “We continue to see a dramatic movement of the new digitally savvy consumer as Cyber Monday once again proved to be the star of this holiday shopping season.” He pointed out that smartphones and tablets are becoming a favorite “shopping companion” for consumers, who use the devices for a range of different activities throughout the process that ends in a holiday purchase. This drove record sales over the channel, with a growth of 55 percent over last year.

As online sales continue to increase over a range of different channels, Chief Marketing Officers are finding that they are increasingly needing to turn their attention toward real time analytics from cloud based platforms such as IBM, in order to be able to better able to keep up with consumer trends and meet their expectations.

IBM has a considerable position in assisting marketing, e-commerce, customer service, and merchandising leaders, causing many of them to use the IBM Digital Analytics reports such as this one regarding Cyber Monday mobile commerce, in order to help them to develop their strategies and campaigns for coming days, weeks, and months.

Cyber Monday m-commerce spikes shopping after drooping weekend

The weekend following Black Friday may have seen a dip in sales, but the week started off strong.

Massive discounts from Black Friday and the Thanksgiving weekend throughout the U.S., on retail sales, took quite a toll, to the point that consumers spent nearly 3 percent less than they did last year, but Cyber Monday m-commerce data looks as though it may be turning that trend around.

The data was recently reported by an industry group and has revealed that online purchases were strong.

This may be an indication that while brick and mortar retailers could be facing a more difficult season, this year, Cyber Monday m-commerce and overall online shopping experienced soaring sales, which could help to make up for the lower figures from the days before. The National Retailer Federation had estimated that the weekend average spending per shopper would be about $407.02. When compared to last year at the same time, that would be 3.9 percent less due to the lower prices. The group suggested that if the prices stay down, the trend will last the rest of the way through the holiday season.

Cyber Monday m-commerce did prove to have powerful numbers, but it still represents only a fraction of overall spending.

Cyber Monday M-Commerce Spikes Holiday ShoppingAccording to the chief executive of the National Retail Federation, Matthew Shay, “Retailers will continue to aggressively promote their in-store and online offerings, looking to entice today’s very budget-conscious and value-focused shopper.” Data from Shay’s organization said that there were 141 million people in the United States who shopped at least one time over the weekend. This is an increase over the 139 million who did so last year. However, the total spending had been expected to hit $57.4 billion over the four days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, which was a decrease of 2.8 percent when compared to the same four day period in 2012.

Analysts explained that the massive deals that drew large numbers of consumers shrank the sales and put a dent into the retail profit margins. Although the sales have been rising – particularly with the Cyber Monday m-commerce data being included into the mix, when all was said and done, the gross margins were headed downward.