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Proxama teams with Smartrac

Proxoma teams with SmartracProxoma and Smartrac aim to take NFC marketing to the next level

Proxama, a provider of NFC and mobile marketing technology solutions, has announced its partnership with Smartrac, a developer and manufacturer of RFID transponders and inlays. Through this partnership, the two companies aim to showcase the potential of NFC technology in the marketing sector. The technology has long held promise for advertising, but has seen limited use over the years. NFC is most often used in mobile commerce as a way to facilitate mobile payments from smart phones and tablets.

New NFC marketing services coming to brands in 2013

Through this partnership, Proxama aims to work with several popular brands and advertising agencies beginning in 2013. Proxama believes that these brands and agencies could benefit from the use of NFC technology, as it will provide them with a way to engage consumers in an interactive fashion. Smartrac has been experiencing increasing demand for NFC technology solutions from its customers and is eager to begin developing such solutions.

Proxama leverages experience to provide new services

Proxama already has a wealth of experience in using NFC as a mobile marketing tool. The company is expected to leverage this experience to provide brands with powerful solutions that could produce promising engagement opportunities with consumers. Through its partnership with Smartrac, Proxoma aims to provide retailers, advertisers, and media owners with the tools they need to develop dynamic NFC-based marketing campaigns. While such campaigns have been used by major brands in the past, such as 20th Century Fox, NFC-based marketing can often be a hit-or-miss issue.

Lack of NFC-enabled devices may be problematic for some

In order for consumers to interact with NFC marketing campaigns, they must have an NFC-enabled mobile device. These devices are equipped with NFC chips that can decipher the information contained within NFC-based marketing materials. Currently, these phones are somewhat rare, but device manufacturers are working to remedy this issue. With the scarcity of NFC-enabled mobile devices, it is difficult to say for certain whether NFC marketing will be able to provide brands with the reach they need to connect with mobile consumers.

NXP Semiconductors takes a swing at NFC technology


NFC technology set for boost as new chips become available

NFC technology is becoming mNFC technologyore popular as more consumers get their hands on smart phones and other high-tech devices. The technology has helped establish mobile commerce, but it has also seen extensive use in advertising. Indeed, the technology is beginning to gain more attention for its uses beyond the mobile payment space, and integrated circuit manufacturer NXP Semiconductors is keen to ensure that businesses can make use of NFC technology in an efficient way.

New NFC chips could be a major boon to businesses

NXP Semiconductors has developed a new series of NFC chips that are meant to make serialization much simpler. These chips provide businesses with a URL “mirror,” which allows them to keep track of which NFC tags are actually being used and in what way. These NFC tags are typically to be used in advertising and information distribution. Being able to track the performance of these tags could be a major boon for companies that are looking to tune their engagement with mobile consumers.

Four new chips designed to meet the needs of businesses

The new NFC chips come in four varieties, all part of the NTAG21x chip family. These chips have varying features that are meant to appeal to different sectors of business. The NFC chips with low memory — NTAG210 — are meant to be affordable and appeal to companies that want to reach a large number of consumers in an efficient manner. Other chips are better suited to provide consumers with some type of service, such as remote access to a computer network. These NFC chips are currently only available as samples, but NXP Semiconductors has plans to deliver the chips to NFC manufacturers by the end of this year.

NFC technology gains momentum beyond mobile commerce

NFC technology is gaining momentum outside of mobile payments. If the technology can continue to prove popular amongst consumers, businesses are likely to continue showing interest in making use of the technology. For now, NFC technology is seeing the most use in the mobile commerce industry, where the technology enables smart phones and other mobile devices to make purchases for goods and services.