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Social and mobile games have a major impact on mobile marketing

Mobile MarketingAdvertisers see more engagement through mobile games

Mediabrix, a leading social and mobile advertising firm, has released new data concerning mobile marketing. The data highlights the advertisements that are seen through social mobile games and their performance in terms of consumer engagement. Social games have become very popular with consumers, which has made them equally popular with advertisers. Advertising in mobile games has also been extremely successful in recent years, suggesting that engaging mobile consumers, especially those that play games on their smartphones and tablets, is the best way to reach people through marketing campaigns.

In-game ads have higher click-through rate than normal ads

According to the data from Mediabrix, advertisements in social and mobile games have a higher click-through than other advertisements. These ads see an average click-through rate of 11%, 100 times higher than the rate seen through normal advertisements. Engagement in these advertisements is also significantly higher, beating out the engagement seen through web-based advertisements coming from companies like Facebook and Google.

Mobile games entice consumers to engage in marketing

Exactly why consumers are more prone to engage in advertisements in social and mobile games is something of a mystery. Mediabrix suggests that mobile games themselves are highly interactive, making consumers more prone to engage with elements they see on the screens of their smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertisements also have an appeal to those looking to stave off boredom, thus consumers with nothing better to do will engage in these ads for some entertainment.

More than 158 consumers expected to be mobile gamers by 2015

Mediarbix predicts that there will be more than 158 million consumers playing mobile games by 2015, creating major opportunities for advertisers looking to engage the mobile space. Social and mobile games are expected to have a major impact on the world of mobile marketing, especially due to the fact that consumers continue to show that they are more willing to engage in in-game advertisements than any other traditional form of marketing.

New mobile commerce and marketing platform launched by Celltick

mobile commerce couponsCelltick taken a new step in mobile commerce

Celltick, a leading mobile commerce company, has announced the launch of its Real Time Coupon Server, which is available to Celltick’s 140 million users worldwide. The new platform allows users to incorporate mobile coupons into their marketing campaigns. Mobile coupons have become extremely popular with consumers that rely on their smartphones and tablets to shop and make purchases and Celltick believes that its new platform can help improve the traffic that businesses see from mobile consumers. The platform is likely to be a major benefit to companies that already have a strong interest and presence in the mobile commerce market.

Mobile coupon platform provides merchants with new services

The Real Time Coupon Server features a new revenue share model developed by Celltick. The new model will allow operators the opportunity to generate revenue after a purchase has been made by offering additional services and products to consumers. The platform allows merchants to create, manage, and make changes to their mobile coupon campaigns and offers detailed analytics concerning engagement in these campaigns and the activity in the mobile commerce market.

Engaging mobile consumers becoming more important

Telecommunications companies like Vodafone India have already been using the platform for their mobile coupon campaigns and Celltick suggests that these companies have seen significant success in engaging mobile consumers. Merchants are likely to see similar success as they begin to cater more to the demands of mobile consumers by providing them with services they are interested in. Mobile commerce is growing in popularity among consumers, thus the Real Time Coupon Server could be a significant benefit for merchants interested in tapping into this rapidly growing consumer base.

Consumers showing more interest in mobile commerce

As its name suggests, the Real Time Mobile Coupon Server is capable of sending mobile coupon campaigns in real time. This enables companies to maintain a high level of engagement with mobile consumers. Many consumers have shown strong interest in mobile commerce, making them more open to mobile marketing campaigns and loyalty programs that could offer them some form of benefit.