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Mobile devices used for 49 percent of online time, comScore

Nearly half of all of the traffic on the internet from Canada stems from a smartphone, tablet, or similar gadget.

According to the research firm, comScore, the use of mobile devices by Canadians is making its way beyond an important milestone, as the number of hours spent online over these gadgets closes in on the fifty percent mark.

Of all of the time that Canadians spend online, 49 percent of it comes from smartphones and tablets.

Canadians are currently spending an average of 33 total hours online when taking the use of all of their connected gadgets into account. Forty nine percent of that is coming from mobile devices such as their cell phones, tablets, wearable technology gadgets, the iPad Touch, and other connected electronics. If things continue in the same direction, it won’t be long at all before people in Canada are using their smartphones and tablets for more of their online time than their laptops and desktop computers.

comScore explained that messaging apps, web searches and social networks are driving the use of mobile devices upward.

mobile devices - CanadaThe firm explained that these are the purposes for which mobile gadgets are being most used while connected to the internet. For some of those users, smartphones and tablets represent the only way in which they are using the internet, and they have given up on their desktop and tablet computers, altogether.

There are currently 1.3 people in the country that will use a mobile device exclusively for accessing the internet, and who will not even touch a traditional computer, said senior account manager at comScore, Paul Rich. Rich explained that “Four per cent (of Canadian Internet users) look at online content in a month with (just) their mobile devices — their smartphone or tablet —and they don’t access anything on the desktop. That’s an emerging shift we’re seeing.”

On the other hand, while the use of mobile devices the only way that 4 percent of Canadians were accessing the internet, there was still a tremendously larger 47 percent who used their computers exclusively for their online activities, added Rich. Among those who used only smartphones or tablets, women made up 55 percent.

Report highlights growth of mobile commerce in China

Mobile payments continue to grow in China

Maverick China Research, a market research firm based in China, has released a new report concerning mobile payments and the favor they garnered among consumers in 2013. Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in China, especially as ownership of smartphones and tablets continues to rise at a rapid pace. A growing number of people are showing a strong interest in shopping online, using their mobile devices to find and purchase products that they are interested in.

Consumers are becoming more interested in online shopping

According to the report, the mobile commerce field saw a great deal of activity throughout China in 2013, especially where retail is concerned. The report notes that more retailers have come to embrace mobile payments as a way to engage a new generation of consumers that have a strong reliance on their smartphones and tablets. These retailers have developed or purchased point-of-sale systems specifically meant to accommodate mobile commerce.

Mobile device ownership grows

China Mobile Commerce GrowthThe report notes that mobile devices have reached a point where they can reliably provide an enjoyable mobile commerce experience. Moreover, the number of consumers that have smartphones and other such devices has reached new heights in China, and many of these people are showing that they are willing to shop online. According to the report, approximately 30% of the mobile devices sold throughout China at the start of 2013 were smartphones.

3G helps mobile commerce prosper

Mobile Internet has also become more reliable in China over the past year. China’s 3G networks have been bolstered by telecommunications companies and an estimated 200 million people make use of these networks on a regular basis. A fast and reliable Internet connection is needed for an enjoyable online shopping experience and 3G has helped mobile commerce establish a stronger presence in China than it had in previous years.