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Current consumer wearable technology is paving the way for future mhealth

The wearables that people are now wearing are helping to direct the development of clinical devices.

Wearable technology has, quite suddenly, become very popular for use in the area of health and fitness tracking when it comes to consumer tech devices, and the mhealth industry is viewing this as a tremendous opportunity with regards to developing future clinical devices.

This could mean that wearables and smartphone apps, alike, could start to play an integral role in tomorrow’s health care.

Parks Associates research has indicated that about 30 percent of homes in the United States that have broadband connections already have some form of connected device that can be used for health purposes. It has also estimated that by the end of next year, there will be over 32 million American consumers who will be actively tracking their fitness and health either by way of wearable technology or another form of mobile device.

Equally, using wearable technology devices within the mobile health field has also been on the rise.

Wearable Technology - Health IndustryDirector of health and mobile product research at Parks Associates, Harry Wang, explained that as popular as wearables are becoming, they are also starting to stand out within the health and medical industries. These gadgets are being seen as a wonderful opportunity for mhealth uses, such as monitoring vital signs (like blood pressure or insulin levels), which can be very helpful for improving health care access and quality.

In an article that he wrote for the Digital Health News published by his firm, Wang explained that “the design trends for wearables in the medical field follow what is happening in the fitness area — they are becoming more discreet, with more user-centric designs and highly integrated functions.”

As consumers become more confident with their mobile devices, they are also starting to look to additional gadgets, such as those in the wearable technology category, to provide them with more practical and usable benefits. This opens up a world of opportunity for creating devices and supporting apps that will allow people to take greater control of their own wellness and to provide their doctors with additional data for a more accurate understanding of their overall condition, as opposed to what is exclusively available through a doctor’s appointment.

Mobile health tech could vastly improve blood donation

A new partnership between major corporations in the company could transform the process in Ghana.

A new form of mobile health technology is being prepared to change the very core processes and nature of the way that blood donations are collected in Ghana, in order to considerably improve the current system.

A new partnership has formed between Mpire Info Business System and Vodafone Ghana Foundation.

The result of the partnership has been a new mobile health app called MoJa. The new technology based effort is designed to help to encourage greater voluntary blood donations for therapeutic use in African hospitals as well as throughout the world. The MoJa app has proved itself to be very promising as it incentivizes blood donations by offering free access to qualified medical practitioners through virtual clinics, daily health tips, and even live chats.

This mobile health app is cloud based, making it possible for the National Blood Service to replenish its supplies when needed.

Mobile Health App - Blood DonationIt functions by matching and contacting donors who are interested in helping in times of emergencies when blood supplies are very low and are in desperate need of increases.

There have been aggressive social media and outreach campaigns that have functioned to bring donors in . Those donors are then added to the national database of volunteer donors so that in case a transfusion is needed for that person, a search can be conducted in order to find the necessary information. Then if someone else needs a transfusion and that individual is the same type, then they will be able to be contacted in case they are willing to donate at that time.

Donors who are a part of the MoJa program are also being encouraged to tell their family and friends about the platform and to encourage them to join. They have incentivized that action, as well, by making it possible for them to earn points.

Nana Yaa Ofori-Koree, the Vodafone Ghana Sustainability and Foundation Manager, discussed the MoJa mobile health app and explained that “As a company, we are strong believers in the notion that poverty should not be a barrier to quality healthcare.”