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Mobile gaming is more popular among women than men

A new report reveals that women play and spend more on mobile games than men.

A recent report from mobile advertising, analytics and monetization firm, Flurry, reveals that the mobile gaming scene is not dominated by the male mobile user population, as many would suspect due to the fact that males generally drive game revenue, but is actually a digital playground that is currently being conquered by female mobile consumers.

Women make over 30% more in-app game purchases than men.

Based on the data found in its report, Flurry discovered that based on a selection of mobile games that were available to 1.1 million devices on its platform, compared to men, women made 31% more in-app purchases. In addition, the study learned that women spend 35% more time engaged in gaming on their mobile devices and, on average, have a 42% greater retention over one week than their male counterparts.

Flurry commented that the “fact that females also outspend males in in-app purchases came as a surprise to us.” The mobile ad firm also noted that while its data was measured on a global basis, the numbers did not differ greatly when it came to the individual analysis of the US audience.

In general, certain types of mobile gaming appear to appeal to one gender over the other.

mobile gaming - females and mobile gamesIn its report, Flurry also analyzed 19 different iOS game categories and the amount of time mobile gamers spend in them. What was found was that, on the whole, men continue to spend more time playing games that fall into the strategy, sports, tower defense, action/RPG and card/battle game categories, compared to women.

That being said, what encouraged Flurry to conduct its report to find out precisely how in-app purchases are being influenced by a growing mobile gaming user base, is the success that game developer Glu Mobile is experiencing after the release of its “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game. According to a report from the New York Times, Glu Mobile has generated over $1 million in revenue just from the first five days after the game was released. Due to the fact that the game is free to play, money is coming from user’s making in-app purchases. One analyst even told the paper that on an annual basis, the game has the potential to produce $200 million in revenue.

Investments in mobile games are on the rise

Mobile games find traction with investors

Investments in mobile games startups have increased in the second quarter of this year, according to a new report from Digi-Capital, an investment group devoted to the game industry. The report shows that the value of these investments has increased by some 63% over what it had been in the first half of 2012, reaching $706 million. The report also shows that the number of investments in game companies has grown by 7%.

Report highlights the transactions mobile games represent

According to the report, mobile games have seen strong growth this year. These games accounted for 56% of the transaction value and 37% of the transaction volume seen in the game industry. The growth that mobile games have been experiencing is largely due to the increased proliferation of smartphones and tablets. As these devices become more available, more consumers are being drawn into the mobile gaming space. Many of these consumers have shown that they are willing to spend their money on these games.

Mobile Games GrowthOnline functionality proves popular among consumers

The report predicts that mobile games and online games could grow to account for 55% of the $83 billion game market by 2016. Online games have proven to be particularly attractive due to the community elements they feature. Mobile games with online functionality have managed to attract the enthusiasm of consumers around the world, many of whom have begun seeking out similar games that offer community-based gameplay.

Tablets are favored for mobile gaming

Mobile games currently represent 72% of the money that is spent on mobile applications. This includes in-app payments that consumers make to unlock additional content. These games have become most popular on tablet devices. The report shows that tablets account for nearly 67% of mobile game use. Consumers appear to favor tablet devices for gaming because of the larger screens that these devices sport as well as their more advance graphics processing units.