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S2 Games moves to enter mobile gaming market

S2 Games founds iGames to focus on mobile gaming

S2 Games, a U.S. game developer with a strong presence in the online gaming space, has been bulking up to prepare for its entry into the mobile gaming sector. Earlier this month, S2 Games launched iGames, a wholly-owned subsidiary that is entirely devoted to the design and production of mobile games. The company has been hiring new talent to make a strong entry into the mobile gaming space, hoping to etch out its own niche in the sector and cater to its fans that have long been tethered to mobile devices.

Developer continues to win acclaim with flagship game

S2 Games is most well known for its Heroes of Newerth title. The game was released in 2010 and has since become a major success with gamers in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. While Heroes of Newerth is sometimes criticized as being almost a carbon copy of its predecessor (DOTA), it remains one of the most well-loved titles in the online gaming space. Because of the success of Heroes of Newerth, S2 Games has remained focus on the title for the past two years, so it is unclear exactly what the developer plans in terms of mobile gaming.

iGames looking for new, highly talented employees

iGames may be working on a way to bring Heroes of Newerth to mobile devices, or the company may be developing an entirely new title to meet the needs of mobile gamers. S2 Games has not yet announced any concrete plans for mobile gaming, apart from establishing a development studio devoted to that sector. The company is currently hiring mobile content managers, an assistant director of mobile games, a mobile game designer, and mobile game UI developer, among others.

S2 Games prepares to compete with other developers in the mobile realm

Mobile gaming has becoming a powerful force in the game industry, as it represents an extremely lucrative market. Several development studios are making moves to enter the mobile gaming space, with S2 Games being one of the latest to do so. These companies, which have traditionally focused on static platforms such as PCs and consoles, will have to compete with companies that have already established a strong presence in the mobile gaming space.

Mobile gaming highlighted in industry review from Digi-Capital

Mobile Gaming industry reviewDigi-Capital reviews the game industry in 2012

Digi-Capital, an international investment firm, has released a new review of the game industry, which may help shed some insight on the growing popularity surrounding mobile gaming. The review offers an expansive look at the industry, documenting its breadth and the activity of the domestic and international gaming markets. Mobile gaming is highlighted in the review, as are social gaming investments and the trends that are emerging to affect the future of the game industry as a whole.

Game industry breaks previous M&A records

Digi-Capital found that the game industry beat out all of its M&A records that had been set in the past in 2012. The review shows that the industry accounted for more than $4 billion in total M&A for the year, an 18% increase in transactional value from what the industry had been in 2011. The game industry did see fewer blockbuster releases in 2012, but the few blockbuster titles that were released performed exceedingly well in the international market.

Investments for 2012 total $835 million

The industry saw more than $835 million in investments throughout 2012, 31% of which found its way to the mobile gaming sector. Approximately 35% of these investments went toward the gamification of websites and other services, making them more attractive to those using PCs and mobile devices. Though investments were significantly lower than they had been in 2011, they still managed to give the game industry a boost through a tumultuous year. This boost proved especially beneficial for the mobile gaming sector.

Social and mobile gaming expected to pick up steam in coming years

The review from Digi-Capital suggests that social and mobile games are likely to continue gaining momentum in the coming years. Social games have only recently begun to come into their own, thus account for modest transaction value. The review shows that the transaction value of mobile games continues to grow, but the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game sector is likely to dwarf both social and mobile gaming in terms of M&A.