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Advertisers set sights on mobile games

Mobile games are getting more attention in the marketing sector

Mobile games have come to represent some of the highest rates of consumer engagement within the mobile sector. Consumers throughout the world have proven that they have an insatiable appetite for mobile games and the popularity of these games continues to grow rapidly. Mobile games are not only growing more popular with consumers, of course, and advertisers are beginning to look at these games as ideal platforms through which to connect with consumers.

Report shows that advertisers are beginning to favor mobile platforms

Advertisers are beginning to focus on mobile games more heavily around the world. A new report from App Annie and IDC notes that as mobile games grow among consumers, so too does the amount of money that advertisers are spending on such games. Advertisers do not typically invest in the development of games, but they do purchase marketing space within that game. Marketing in console games has been tricky due to the fact that consumers can rarely engage typical in-game marketing. This is where mobile games shine for advertisers.

advertisers set sights on mobile gamesMobile games could be ideal marketing tools

Mobile games are, essentially, nothing more than applications for mobile devices. These applications are lightweight programs that are somewhat fluid when it comes to the features that they offer. This means that it is relatively simple to include some kind of advertisement into these applications. Moreover, these advertisements can actually be interacted with by consumers, making them quite effective when it comes to consumer engagement. Mobile games, which already involve consumer participation, have proven to be effective marketing platforms due to the fact that consumers will often interact with ads they see in their mobile games.

Advertising revenue in the mobile games sector to reach $12 billion this year

According to the report from App Annie and IDC, the total advertising revenue coming from the mobile games space is expected to reach $12 billion this year. Advertisers are likely to continue focusing more heavily on mobile games in the future in order to engage a new generation of consumers. Consumers have, thus far, been relatively welcoming to the advertisements that they see in mobile games, though some argue that these ads detract from the gaming experience.

Mobile games are spreading through word of mouth

Effective marketing for mobile games could be deceptively simple

When it comes to raising awareness of mobile games, word of mouth appears to be the best option there is, according to a new study from Applifier. The market research firm has been investigating the forces behind the growth of mobile games and the marketing efforts that go into raising awareness for such games. Advertising is as important in the mobile gaming space as it is in any other sector of business, but mobile games are not typically associated with large marketing budgets that are common with console or PC games, yet they continue to manage to capture the attention of consumers.

Word of mouth proves to be a good way to promote mobile games

According to the study, the majority of mobile games are promoted through word of mouth. This has long been an effective marketing strategy as consumers that love certain products typically enjoy advertising these products to their friends and families. Word of mouth is also exceptionally affordable as consumers are generally willing to handle all of the marketing by simply praising a particular product. Word of mouth has been very effective in promoting mobile games as 36% of consumers reported that they heard of the games they play from someone else.

Mobile games word of mouth marketingConsumers show interest in online video promotions

While word of mouth has proven to be a powerful way to raise awareness about mobile games, Applifier notes that 43% of consumers prefer reading reviews from other consumers rather than listening to what other people have to say about a particular game. Approximately 70% of consumers prefer to watch online videos concerning particular mobile games rather than read reviews. Roughly 45% of these consumers claimed that they purchased a mobile game after watching a video about that particular game.

Ravenous hunger for mobile games help speed growth

Applifier notes that the average consumer downloads as many as five mobile games every month. These games are played for an average of 3 hours every week, after which they are replaced by a new assortment of mobile games. The relatively short lifecycle of these games is part of the reason that the mobile gaming space has seen such rapid growth, as consumers are constantly on the lookout for new games to play and have shown themselves to be willing to purchase games that catch their interest.