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First mobile game from Nintendo draws 1 million users in first 3 days

This came as good news for the Japanese tech giant that had been holding onto its policy for only console games.

Nintendo recently announced that the first mobile game it ever launched managed to draw over one million users within the span of three days that followed its initial release.

The first mobile gaming experience offered by Nintendo was in the form of its “Miitomo” app.

The Miitomo mobile game is an interactive experience that makes it possible for users to be able to design their own Mii avatars. It released this app in order to be able to position itself to better compete with its rivals. Through the use of this mobile app, smartphone users are able to change the outfit worn by their avatar through in-app purchases. They can also use their avatars to interact with those that have been created by friends or other mobile application users.

Within the mobile game, the avatars also interact with the user him/herself and share the answer with friends.

Nintendo - Mobile GameFor example, the avatar may ask one of the players of the mobile games what they did over the weekend or “What is your favorite food?” When the player answers, it is shared with the other characters selected by that player.

The game app was originally launched in Japan on a Thursday and by the following Saturday it had already broken the one million user mark, according to a company spokesperson. At the time of the writing of this article, she had also said that there weren’t any updated figures to release. That said, following a national holiday on the weekend of the achievement of the first million users, the stock markets opened on the Tuesday to send Nintendo’s shares upward by a striking 8.18 percent.

The official Twitter account for the mobile game stated that Nintendo had been quite surprised with the number of players who were instantly attracted to the app. As Sony and Microsoft continued to outpace Nintendo’s sales in terms of consoles and related games, the three giants have now moved into the app sphere for mobile devices where they are competing with thousands of other developers with cheap and even entirely free games.

Launch of Batman v Superman mobile game announced

Ahead of the much-anticipated film release, the Dark Knight joins the Last Son of Krypton in a new gaming app.

Fans of Batman and Superman don’t need to wait until the release of their crossover movie, now that a mobile game has been released that features both characters in one of the largest battles in the history of DC Comics.

Though the plot may be set on the big screen, when it comes to the game app, it’s the player who decides.

The mobile game “Batman v Superman: Who Will Win?” has now been released to help to drive the excitement over the film that will be released later this month. The film is set to hit theaters on March 25, so the release of the game app is a timely one in helping people to be able to wait for the big day and to try to predict what the outcome of the actual movie will be. It provides a good amount of play time to be able to try to work out who might come out on top at the end of the motion picture.

The game app is available to both iOS and Android mobile device users, as well as through browsers.

Mobile Game - Batman v SupermanThe point to the game is to try to determine “Who Will Win?”, just as the name suggests. For people who don’t want to download the gaming app, this one’s also available through a regular web browser.

For those who might be concerned about movie spoilers, that shouldn’t be a problem. The description of the game play is that it is direct and simple and that it plays out depending on the way the gamer heads and not necessarily in any direction that actually reflects the plot of the movie.

To play, the gamer needs only choose whether he or she would like to be Batman or Superman. Then, that character can make his way throughout the city while collecting items. There are also a number of potential upgrade abilities that help the character to improve performance, such as with the “head start” upgrade for running. Those can be added using points that have been accumulated throughout the game play.

The points from the mobile game are also poured into a mass pool that will help to determine the way the game will end.