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Another contestant enters the Chinese mobile games competition in the West

Pangea Mobile has now thrown itself into the race to change the direction of gaming app flow.

The current trend among mobile games companies has been to bring the offerings from the Western world to China, but a rising number of businesses is now attempting to direct Chinese games to the West, as well.

Pangea Mobile, based in San Francisco, is the latest to create its own strategy to take part in this effort.

The company has broadened its efforts beyond the development of game apps, in order to be able to offer services that will make it possible to allow mobile game developers in China to be able to offer their titles to smartphone and tablet users in the Western world. In this effort, it has now brought together a team of veteran game developers who will be offering analytics tools, localization services, and cross promotion features.

Mobile games are released at an astounding rate in China, and the company is hoping to take advantage of that.

Mobile Gaming - ChinaPangea Mobile has pointed out that China sees the release of 300 new games on a monthly basis. If those mobile apps could be successful in the West, then it would be of great benefit to those developers. The company also claims that its meticulously selected team has a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by Chinese developers who have attempted to step into the heavy competition in the Western market, particularly in the United States.

Ray Cheng, the Pangea Mobile CEO, stated that the company knows the various types of challenge that can be faced in terms of social media mechanisms, monetization as a whole, and retention, as well as the requirement for localization at a high quality level. Where China presents another range of potential competition problems, Cheng feels that the American game app marketplace is healthier and has a greater focus on quality and enjoyment of playing instead of just being able to win.

Cheng explained that when it comes to mobile games, “We are a true gateway to the West.” He added that “We are the only company that provides Chinese game developers and publishers one-stop-shop services with analytics tools to make their games successful in the Western market.”

Mobile gaming is going to be a $45 billion industry in 3 years

It is believed that these games will take off to such a degree that consoles will be left in the dust.

Digi-Capital, an intelligence firm, has released the results of some of its latest research, which has revealed that spending on mobile gaming software is growing at such a rate that it will have left consoles way behind by the year 2018.

It has predicted that spending on mobile games across all platforms, this year, will reach $88 billion.

This will, in fact, mean that mobile gaming will not only outpace that of consoles, but of the entire industry. Digi-Capital has also predicted that the tablet and smartphone games spending figure will rise at a rate of 8 percent per year, so that it will break the $110 billion mark by the close of 2018. No other type of device is expected to generate a greater amount of revenue than mobile when it comes to video games. In fact, those devices are predicted to bring in more money than consoles by this year, already.

These console and mobile gaming figures do not include the sales from hardware, such as the systems themselves.

Mobile Gaming - multi-billion dollar industryThe figures are based on the sale of mobile games, only, and do not include the income generated from the sale of systems such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Furthermore, those figures also didn’t take into account the PC games over Steam, or any of the massively successful free-to-play games such as League of Legends.

Tim Merel, the founder and managing director of Digi-Capital, explained in the company’s report that “Where mobile games will take $3 of every $10 spent by gamers on software in 2015, that figure will go up to $4 out of every $10 by 2018.” He also went on to add that “Mobile games revenue will grow from $29 billion in 2015 to $45 billion by 2018 at 15 percent annual growth.”

Merel explained that since 2013, the Asian market has dominated the revenue for mobile gaming, when compared to Europe and North America. The company forecasted that this market will continue to move ahead, until it will represent half of all revenue in smartphone and tablet based games by 2018.