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Mobile games could help Google beat Apple

Google Mobile GamesGoogle Play posts strong gains with the help of mobile games

Google has been seeing strong growth in its applications store. Google Play is home to a vast assortment of mobile applications covering a variety of needs and interests. Google has announced that Google Play’s revenue has shown impressive growth, outpacing that of Apple’s own App Store. Mobile games play a contributing factor in this growth, especially as more consumers become interested in mobile games for the sake of entertainment. Indeed, mobile games may soon help Google Play acquire the momentum necessary to overcome Apple.

Research shows that Google is catching up with Apple

According to Canalys, a leading market research firm, both the App Store and Google Play accounted for $2.2 billion in revenue collectively during the first three months of 2013. Apple’s App Store represents 74% of this revenue, with Google picking up the remainder. Similar data from App Annie, an analytics firm, suggests that Google Play revenue were 38.5% of the App Store’s, representing a significant gain for Google.

Asian markets show strong support for mobile games

Growth is strongly felt in a wide range of categories, but mobile games are helping add significant momentum to Google’s growing revenues. A craze has begun to form around mobile games in several countries. In South Korea, for instance, mobile games represent some of the most used applications on Google Play. This is partly backed by the growing availability of smartphone and tablets. As these mobile devices become more common, more consumers have opportunities to play mobile games or make use of the other applications available on Google Play. Currently, mobile games account for 90% of the revenues generated in South Korea and Japan as far as Google Play is concerned.

Google Play may overcome the App Store by 2016

The applications market has become inundated with mobile games over the past two years. These games have proven quite popular with a wide range of consumers, leading the game industry to throw its considerable strength behind the development of these games. If mobile games continue to show impressive growth, Google Play is likely to surpass the App Store in terms of revenue by 2016.

GREE launches messaging application in test markets

GREE messaging appGREE begins testing new application in small markets

GREE, a Japanese developer of mobile gaming applications, is setting up to launch its GREE Messenger in 2013, which will be available for the iOS and Android platforms. Though the developer has plans to launch the new application next year, the GREE Messenger is actually already available in some markets. This is because GREE has decided to push a test launch to determine the impact the application may have in the already crowded Asian market.

India, New Zealand, and Australia get GREE Messenger

The Asian market is filled with messenger applications that are designed to connect consumers to one another. These applications are typically very simple, allowing consumers to chat with their friends and make use of animated graphics to spice up their messages. GREE is keen to enter into this sector and has decided to test its messenger application in three markets: India, Australia, and New Zealand. The test version of the application has limited features and has seen relatively little coverage due to the fact that GREE has not actually announced that it is available in these markets.

Application may feature gaming aspects in the future

Mobile gaming has become much more than a craze among consumers; it has become a very important and accepted part of the mobile technology space. Though the GREE Messenger is not a mobile gaming application, GREE does have tentative plans to introduce some gaming elements into future versions of the app. For now, users will be able to text chat with their friends, invite their friends to group chats, share photos and videos, and check into locations they visit.

Foreign markets may be good testing grounds

Introducing the GREE Messenger to smaller markets in Australia and New Zealand where messaging applications are not as popular as they are in Asia may be a good move. Asia’s most popular messaging application, WeChat, boasts of more than 200 million users, with others also taking up a similar portion of the consumer base. This makes its difficult for similar applications to find any headway in the market and GREE is primarily focused on exposure and ensuring that its application can actually live up to consumer expectations.