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Mobile commerce sales reached $24 billion over the holidays

A new Adobe Digital Insights report showed that smartphones played a considerable role in online shopping.

Mobile commerce sales came to just over $24 billion throughout the holiday shopping season this year. In fact, Adobe Digital Insights data showed that smartphones and tablets brought in that amount from November 1 through December 24.

That doesn’t include online purchases made over mobile devices at the last moment before Christmas.

Among all the mobile commerce sales this holiday season, smartphones were behind the vast majority. In fact, 68 percent of m-commerce purchases came from smartphones. Tablets were responsible for the remaining 32 percent. This represents a shift in usage as it looks as though people are now leaning toward their phones when they previously preferred the larger screened mobile devices.

Retail mobile commerce sales from smartphones brought in $16.63 billion, with $7.92 billion from tablets.

Mobile Commerce SalesDuring the holiday shopping period, mobile devices were used for 31 percent of online retail sales, said the Adobe Digital Insights data. The remaining 69 percent of online purchases from retailers was through laptops and desktops. Last year, mobile shoppers represented 28 percent of purchases and in 2014, they made 19 percent of the purchases.

Adobe Digital Insights analysts predict that m-commerce will continue to take on a rising share of online sales. In fact, they stated that it is likely that this trend would have kicked in as early as the winding down of the holiday season. The reason is that from December 21 onward, many people were attending holiday functions and were more likely to have a smartphone in hand than to be seated at a work computer.

The report pointed out that the current mobile shopping experience still involves a certain degree of friction. This is primarily the result of the increased challenges involved in filling in purchase forms online. That said, it also underscored the fact that a growing number of retailers are working on improving that experience.

Retail mobile commerce sales could greatly benefit from the reduction of that friction. Some retailers are looking into options such as payment card information capture through the device camera, for example.

Mobile commerce platform launched for enhanced shopping experience

Acme Tools has announced that it will be using IBM’s products to make shopping easier for consumers.

Leading authorized tools and equipment retailer, Acme Tools, has recently announced that it has launched the mobile commerce version of its website, to make it easier for consumers to be able to shop for what they need using their smartphones.

This new platform is designed to provide the company’s customers with a seamless shopping experience.

The mobile commerce platform, itself, was developed by BlueSky Technology Partners. It has been created in order to leverage the IMB WebSphere Commerce investments that Acme Tools has already been making for its site on the standard web. The purpose is to make sure that customers will be able to browse, compare, and purchase the products that they want, no matter where they are and what device they prefer.

Mobile commerce traffic and sales are rapidly growing in importance, according to an IBM study.

By the last quarter of last year, smartphone and tablet based traffic was making up almost 35 percent of all traffic that was being generated online. Year over year, this represented an increase of about 40 percent. Furthermore, sales made over these smaller screen devices made up almost 17 percent of all online sales, which represented a year over year increase of 46 percent over 2012’s figures.Mobile Commerce Platform launched

The smartphone friendly site was created specifically to help to lower the necessary load time and to help to improve the overall user experience. It was designed to be easier to search, browse, and buy on a device with a small screen, a slower internet connection, and a touch screen keyboard.

Users that are registered with the site will be able to use cross platform features, which include saving to a wish list. This allows people to be able to add items at their convenience, and then checkout later on when they are ready. It also helps to appeal to the many people who like to browse over mobile commerce, but make their final purchase over a desktop or laptop device because of the greater ease of using a keyboard, a larger screen, and greater security.