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New partnership seeks to grow mobile commerce in Mexico

Companies team together to bolster mobile commerce

AnywhereCommerce, a Canadian mobile commerce firm, has entered into a new partnership with Prosa, a provider of merchant services based in Mexico. Through this partnership, the two companies will work to make mobile payments more accessible to consumers throughout Mexico and give retailers and merchants the ability to facilitate mobile commerce. The concept of mobile commerce has been growing more attractive to consumers as more people get their hands on smartphones and tablets. AnywhereCommerce and Prosa are keen to take advantage of the growing demand for mobile commerce services.

Prosa to deploy payment systems from AnywhereCommerce

Prosa will deploy AnywhereCommerce’s aCommerce Gateway platform, which is capable of accepting payments from credit and debit cards as well as mobile devices. Prosa will also be deploying a range of mobile point-of-sale devices from AnywehreCommerce. Merchants can use these systems to accept payments being made from smartphones and tablets. Both companies believe that this technology will provide merchants with more flexibility in the way they engage consumers.

Retailers have some trouble breaking into mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Partnership - MexicoMobile commerce offers a degree of convenience that has rarely been seen in the retail field. Many retailers, however, have had problems with their adoption of mobile commerce in recent years. Several companies have failed to optimize their websites for mobile viewing, providing consumers with a poor shopping experience. Others have utilized mobile commerce platforms that are based on proprietary technology, which has limited people’s access to mobile payments in a significant way.

AnywhereCommerce services are not wholly reliant on NFC technology

The mobile commerce services offered by AnywhereCommerce can be accessible by both Android and iOS devices. This makes these services much more accessible to consumers, many of whom have been excluded from participating in mobile commerce in the past due to the lack of NFC-enabled devices. NFC technology may be one of the foundations of mobile commerce, but the technology may soon be replaced due to the fact that many consumers do not yet have access to mobile devices that are equipped with NFC chips.

Pulse teams with Paydiant to make mobile commerce more available

Mobile commerce expands through new partnership

Pulse, a debit and ATM network operator in the U.S., has announced its partnership with Paydiant, a mobile commerce organization. Through this partnership, pulse plans to make the Paydiant mobile wallet available to its customers. Through Pulse, Paydiant will have access to financial service firms and merchants and will be able to provide these parties with comprehensive mobile commerce services and a way to accept mobile payments from consumers.

Paydiant services to be available to financial service firms and merchants

The Paydiant mobile wallet has managed to establish a relatively strong following. The application is available to both iOS and Android platforms and is currently being used by many merchants interested in mobile commerce. These merchants use the company’s technology alongside existing point-of-sale systems, providing them with a way to accept mobile transactions coming from consumers. Paydiant has been able to compete with larger organizations in the mobile commerce sector by provide relatively easy-to-use and comprehensive services.

Mobile Commerce PartnershipMobile wallet can be configured to suit the needs of businesses

Businesses and financial service firms that make use of Paydiant’s services will be able to configure the mobile wallet to function according to their own business plans. For many financial service firms, this means that the wallet will only facilitate mobile transactions of $15 or less. Once the Paydiant mobile wallet is integrated into a business’ structure, mobile payments can be accepted from any smartphone or tablet that makes use of the consumer version of the mobile wallet application.

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum among consumers and businesses alike

Mobile commerce is becoming more important for both consumers and businesses around the world. Consumers favor mobile payments because they represent a more convenient form of commerce. Businesses are beginning to embrace mobile commerce due to the acceptance it has received from consumers as well as its economic prospects. There is a wide variety of mobile wallets available to consumers today, but none have yet to establish a dominating presence within the mobile commerce sector.