Netherlands Mobile Commerce GrowthDutch mobile commerce is on the rise

Mobile commerce in the Netherlands is on the rise. Dutch consumers are following the trend established in other parts of the world where mobile commerce is becoming the favored way to purchase products. The Netherlands has been serving as a testing grounds for several pilot projects concerning mobile payments, and consumers seem to have responded well to these projects. This has caused a steep spike in demand for mobile commerce services as well as aggressive growth in consumer participation.

Report highlights the growth of mobile commerce

According to a new report from Thuiswinkel, a market research firm, the number of consumers in the Netherlands making purchases from a mobile device has reached 1.7 million. This is a 73% increase over the level mobile purchases had been at in 2012. Consumers have place more than 5 million orders from their mobile devices, accounting for 12% of all online sales processed within the country. The report shows that mobile commerce revenues from the second half of 2012 rose to $310 million, with full-year revenues for 2012 reaching $560 million.

Access to comprehensive services helps boost adoption

Part of the reason consumers are becoming more involved in mobile commerce is the availability of mobile-based services. These services are making it easier for consumers to make mobile payments and abandon traditional forms of commerce. Dutch retailers are also making a strong push for the adoption of mobile commerce, further encouraging consumers to use their mobile devices to purchase goods and services. Thus far, there are no signs that mobile commerce adoption is showing any signs of slowing down.

Clothing and books among the most purchased products via mobile

The report from Thuiswinkel shows that the majority of Dutch consumers made mobile purchase for clothing, books, and sporting goods. Tickets for music, film, and sporting events were also popular purchases among consumers. Those participating in mobile commerce said that purchasing products online via a mobile devices was more convenient than other methods.