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Mobile commerce hits a wall in India


India Mobile CommerceMobile commerce may be facing serious challenges in India

Mobile commerce may be a rapidly growing phenomenon, but it if facing hard times in India, which could be a sign of things to come in the future for the rest of the global market. Mobile commerce is a relatively simple concept: Consumers using their mobile devices to purchase products and shop both online and in-store. This concept has won the adoration of consumers around the world, but its simplicity belies the complications that are associated with running a mobile commerce business.

Problems in India may foreshadow future challenges

In India, mobile commerce has hit a sheer drop-off, in terms of adoption and support. While consumers are still showing a great deal of interest in mobile commerce, this interest largely revolves around well established e-commerce gateways that most consumers already have extensive experience with. Most major retailers offer some form of mobile commerce service to consumers, and this is not necessarily good news for smaller ventures.

Data shows mobile commerce start-ups have high mortality rate

According to data from Microsoft’s India Accelerator Program, which provide services to technology start-ups throughout India, some 379 new technology product start-ups launched in the country before October of this year. Of these, 193 were e-commerce firms that specialized in some aspect of mobile commerce. Approximately 87 of these firms no longer exist, either because they have been absorbed by larger companies or they simply could not find traction with consumers. Investors becoming leery of the prospects of mobile commerce is cited as a major reason why these firms have faced failure.

Investors leery of supporting new start-ups

Investors are beginning to show hesitance when it comes to mobile commerce. Start-ups entering the mobile commerce field often make promises that are difficult to keep and investors backing companies that end  up failing face significant financial losses. If start-ups cannot compete with major companies like Google, which has established a strong presence in mobile commerce, they are not likely to find the traction they need to be successful, thus leading investors to question the prospects of supporting mobile commerce ventures.

ICICI Bank teams with Vodafone to bring mobile commerce to India


ICICI Bank partners with Vodafone to introduce m-pesa

India’s ICICI Bamobile commerce partnershipnk, one of the largest financial institutions in the country, is gearing up to launch a new mobile commerce service for consumers. The bank has teamed with Vodafone, a British multinational telecommunications company, in order to develop the platform and its associated application, called “m-pesa.” The mobile commerce initiation will be managed by Mobile Commerce Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone, which will provide services to India’s growing mobile consumer population.

Indian consumers demand mobile commerce solutions

Mobile technology is becoming more common throughout India. As the country economy becomes more robust, consumers are finding it easier to purchase smart phones and other such devices. As these devices become more common, consumers are beginning to show more interest in mobile commerce and other services. ICICI Bank has taken note of this growing interest and is now moving to ensure that it can serve these consumers in an adequate fashion.

Application allows for mobile payments

The m-pesa application will allow ICICI Bank customers to use their accounts to purchase goods from retailers. The launch of the mobile commerce solution will be limited to the eastern region of India initially. This region includes Kolkata, West Begal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. ICICI Bank and Vodafone will keep a keen eye on the performance of the solution during this limited launch. Currently, the two parties foresee a phased launch, where the mobile commerce platform will be introduced to the rest of India in numerous stages.

Vodafone offers innovative security

ICICI Bank chose to team with Vodafone because of the company’s broad distribution reach and its innovative security protocols. Security is one of the most important aspects of mobile commerce and an issue that has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent months. Lackluster security from some mobile commerce platforms have left consumers with concerns regarding NFC technology and the safety of their financial information. Vodafone may be able to quell these concerns with its security features and help Indian consumers warm to the concept of mobile commerce.