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Kohl’s Pay mobile payments system has launched

The retail chain has now rolled out their own version of the smartphone based transaction method.

The Kohl’s Pay mobile payments platform has launched, representing the latest in a growing retail trend. Large retailers are, to an increasing degree, stepping into the mobile wallet market. This is creating a market with even greater competition for Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Those tech giants have all been battling for dominance.

The Kohl’s Pay rollout has added another independent alternative to those wallet options.

The Kohl’s Pay mobile payments platform is available for customers to use within the department stores. This not only allows consumers to pay for their purchases, but it has also been integrated with their rewards and loyalty programs. In this way, the mobile app allows for collection and redemption of the reward and loyalty program benefits. At the same time, it works as a digital wallet for the payment method being used for the purchase itself.

The retailer announced that the Kohl’s Pay Mobile payments service is now available across the country.

Kohl's Pay Mobile Paymanets - Kohl's StoreKohl’s Pay’s existence is not a surprise to many as the company had previously announced its intentions to expand its previous mobile wallet. The previous version had allowed consumers to collect rewards and promotions and save their payment data. This latest nationwide move has expanded the features and functions of the mobile payments app.

The new app comes at a time when many other large retailers are taking similar steps with mobile wallets and payments. For example, CVS and Walmart have both recently enhanced their smartphone applications to include comparable changes. These solutions are generating greater appeal among retailers seeking to draw customers who are increasingly comfortable in using smartphones for payments.

Moreover, by implementing their own proprietary mobile wallets, retailers may make themselves into the convenient choice for consumers who prefer this payment method.

What makes the Kohl’s Pay mobile payments platform different is that customers can’t add their credit cards and debit cards to their digital wallet. Instead, the Kohl’s Charge private label card is the only one that can be used in conjunction with the app.

Unilever mobile gaming strategy implemented for staff hiring

This new recruitment technique has been gamified to help to reduce the risk of unconscious bias.

Unilever has announced a new mobile gaming strategy it has launched as a part of its new hire selection process. They have added this new technique in order to promote diversity while speeding up the process as a whole and reducing the cost of hiring.

This giant consumer goods company is launching the process in the UK following success in other countries.

Unilever has already implemented similar mobile gaming strategy programs in the United States and Asia. They have proven to be successful for hiring new staff in those regions. The British and Dutch company is now expanding the program to save money and time while limiting the risk of unconscious bias when new staff is hired. Considering the fact that last year saw applications from 250,000 graduates around the world, this is an important step. The strategy brings mobile games together with video interviews.

Unilever says this mobile gaming strategy for hiring represents the first fully digitized recruitment process.

Mobile Gaming Strategy - Hiring StaffThat said, other companies have used mobile gamification to help the process. For instance, Vodafone, L’Oréal UK and Ireland, Microsoft, and Ernst & Young. Those brands each use the Debut mobile app as a part of their hiring process.

In Unilever’s case, new applicants complete an online application form. Those who do so successfully then receive an application to play a number of games for a maximum of twenty minutes. Those with the best results are selected to receive a video interview. The applicants who are preferred during that phase move on to the final stage. In that stage, they take a virtual tour of the Unilever offices and experience a virtual collaboration. This provides them with an idea of how it feels to work within one of the company’s real environments.

The mobile gaming strategy for hiring was, in part, a response to data such as that produced by University College London and the Monster employment website. That research indicated that nearly half of all firms use video interviews as a component of their selection process. Moreover 7 percent no longer conduct face-to-face interviews. This occurs, despite the fact that it could promote appearance-based discrimination.