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Ideal team structure for Mobile App Development

To render reliable mobile app development services…

You need to have in place an organized and proper team that will get the work done within the shortest time and accurately. To put together a mobile app development team, you need a structure that will help you maintain an organized team and provide the reliable services needed. It is therefore important to look at the structure of an ideal mobile app development team together with all that each section of the team has to handle during the whole process.

Just like in a ship or plane, the crew master cannot handle the flight or cruise alone. Each crew member has their roles to play to make it a successful venture. We are therefore going to explore the members involved in Mobile app development and what part they play in mobile app development.

  1. Software architect

Talking about an application is basically talking about organized software so it is very important to go on the long journey of choosing the best software architect you know to come up with the kind of mobile application you need. The software engineer is the main person behind the development and to make it a success you need to have a real expert. Ideal Team Structure for Mobile talking about organized software, so it is essential to go on the long journey of choosing the best software architect you know to come up with the kind of mobile application you need. The mobile app developer is the main person behind the mobile apps development services, and to make it a success, you need to have a real expert.

Mobile App Development team and who to hire

  1. The QA Engineer

For the mobile application to be completed, we need to have certified that it is the correct thing done in the development process. All the testing and fixing of bugs depends on the QA engineer, which is why you need one who is a real expert. The QA engineer and the software architect make up the planning and review section of our team. The two individuals will come up with the master plan and make sure that, in the end, it is the one executed.

  1. The Project Manager

A very important individual in the mobile application development team. The project manager coordinates the designer and developers who come up with the structure of the application. The project manager is meant to be kept in constant communication with the client.

  1. Designers

They come up with the map of how this plan of an application will be executed, and they are responsible for the general look and user interface of the application. They are part of the main executors of software architecture. They make sure the application is viable for use. In technical terms, this section forms the UX and the UI part of the team.

  1. Developers

If you hear about the execution of mobile application development, you need to think of these individuals. They serve to come up with the main functional backbone of the application, whereby they write the codes and match the plan with real development.


In as much we need to come up with appealing apps development services for our clients, the process might be the most challenging part without a team. This requires the presence of a team to handle each step of the development process. As mentioned, the process is like a flight or a cruise, which needs the whole crew to be in place to work on it in the same way, any company needs to make sure an ideal apps development team is in place.

Mobile app developers now have new Facebook tools

The top social network has recently released six new open source tools for application development.

Facebook has announced the release of six new open source projects to mobile app developers, as one of the latest components of their effort to spread the weight of application development with the goal of speeding up the creation of cutting edge solutions.

All of the new mobile development open source projects were announced at the same time at the 2015 F8 Conference.

They have been drawing a considerable amount of attention among the community of mobile app developers as many offer a notable opportunity. The online newsroom at the social network provided a brief summary of all six of the projects to provide app developers with a better look at what has now been made available to them.

The following are the open source projects that have been offered to mobile app developers by Facebook.

Mobile App Developers - New Tools• React Native – this is a native environments framework that gives app developers the chance to create high quality Android and iOS user interfaces without using WebView or a browser.

• ComponentKit – this is a native functional and declarative UI iOS library. React inspired its creation, and it is used within the Facebook app’s News Feed.

• Year Class and Connection Class – these two projects have been released in order to give mobile app developers the chance to intelligently segment through the use of network and device performance in real time.

• Fresco – this is a tool set that has been created for image manipulation and display specifically for the Android mobile app developer community.

• Nuclide – this is the only one of the open source projects that was announced as being open-sourced in the future, but that is not yet available in that form, at the moment. Facebook took the opportunity at F8 to demo the project, but not to actually make it openly available. It is meant to support Reactive Native, as well as Hack, and Flow, and it is IDE designed. It was developed alongside GitHub. Even though this one has not yet been open sourced, it holds enough potential that it is certainly worth watching in the future.