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Ideal team structure for Mobile App Development

To render reliable mobile app development services…

You need to have in place an organized and proper team that will get the work done within the shortest time and accurately. To put together a mobile app development team, you need a structure that will help you maintain an organized team and provide the reliable services needed. It is therefore important to look at the structure of an ideal mobile app development team together with all that each section of the team has to handle during the whole process.

Just like in a ship or plane, the crew master cannot handle the flight or cruise alone. Each crew member has their roles to play to make it a successful venture. We are therefore going to explore the members involved in Mobile app development and what part they play in mobile app development.

  1. Software architect

Talking about an application is basically talking about organized software so it is very important to go on the long journey of choosing the best software architect you know to come up with the kind of mobile application you need. The software engineer is the main person behind the development and to make it a success you need to have a real expert. Ideal Team Structure for Mobile talking about organized software, so it is essential to go on the long journey of choosing the best software architect you know to come up with the kind of mobile application you need. The mobile app developer is the main person behind the mobile apps development services, and to make it a success, you need to have a real expert.

Mobile App Development team and who to hire

  1. The QA Engineer

For the mobile application to be completed, we need to have certified that it is the correct thing done in the development process. All the testing and fixing of bugs depends on the QA engineer, which is why you need one who is a real expert. The QA engineer and the software architect make up the planning and review section of our team. The two individuals will come up with the master plan and make sure that, in the end, it is the one executed.

  1. The Project Manager

A very important individual in the mobile application development team. The project manager coordinates the designer and developers who come up with the structure of the application. The project manager is meant to be kept in constant communication with the client.

  1. Designers

They come up with the map of how this plan of an application will be executed, and they are responsible for the general look and user interface of the application. They are part of the main executors of software architecture. They make sure the application is viable for use. In technical terms, this section forms the UX and the UI part of the team.

  1. Developers

If you hear about the execution of mobile application development, you need to think of these individuals. They serve to come up with the main functional backbone of the application, whereby they write the codes and match the plan with real development.


In as much we need to come up with appealing apps development services for our clients, the process might be the most challenging part without a team. This requires the presence of a team to handle each step of the development process. As mentioned, the process is like a flight or a cruise, which needs the whole crew to be in place to work on it in the same way, any company needs to make sure an ideal apps development team is in place.

Keep in mind, a good design! Things to think about when designing a good m-commerce app

We are right in the middle of the shopping season which is a good enough reason to once again remind ourselves how e-commerce, and m-commerce, in particular, has gained prominence in the recent years. The m-commerce revolution is led by cleverly designed secure mobile apps. If you want to design one yourself, here are some tips for the same.

Cyber Monday, 2013 was the biggest online shopping day in the history of both shopping and Internet with a 20.6 % increase in online sales as per the findings from IBM. Another interesting fact is that mobile sales lead the way, exceeding 17 percent of the total online sales. It’s been some time now that we are witnessing a consumer drift away from the brick-and-mortar retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores amongst others. This drift is in clear relation to the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices for shopping.

Although the consumer still prefers desktop experience over mobile buying, the share of mobile commerce is growing rapidly and that is why everyone cares about having a good m-commerce app.

M-commerce has taken over the world by surprise by providing solutions that traditional offline channels could never even think of. A clear understanding of the current shopping trend and consumer behavior on mobile is the key to the new marketing strategies of retailers. To ensure a fulfilling experience for the consumer, the mobile app developer must identify the dynamics between consumers and their connected devices. This way one can create a more compelling mobile shopping experience that will attract new customers and build loyalty with the existing ones. Here are some tips to create a better mobile application for commerce:

What works for you?

Before you even start with the process of designing a mobile app, find out what already works well for your consumers. If you have an e-commerce website it is well worth studying which product category get the maximum traction and which receive the least.  This will provide you an idea about which features should make it your mobile app and which are not worth it so as to provide the customers with meaningful mobile experience.     For example, if you are a multi-brand retailer with multiple product categories and consumers prefer your books section more than anything else, then it makes sense to make the books category easily visible and accessible in your mobile application as well.m-commerce app

A careful execution

Just including different features isn’t going to win the war for you in this tightly competed world of commerce. To make a real mark, and that refers to winning the customer loyalty, your features must execute in a seamless and smooth manner. A poorly executed mobile offering is surely going to upset consumers, many of them spilling bad blood about your app in the market causing a greater harm. If your mobile app faces consistent problems regarding the different functions, then it is better to take it off the market, right the wrong and then put the improved version back for the consumer’s perusal. Thinking anything is better than nothing and putting up a buggy and half-baked version is surely going to lose you the trust of even your loyal customers.

The homepage is most important

Consumers expect nothing less than best, whether they visit a desktop site or a mobile version. The home page of your mobile application is the gateway to the entire feature set and therefore should be designed most carefully. The interface should be intuitive and design eye-catching. Features such as searching for available products and using filters to select a particular product category should be easy to find and use. Your app should be a balance of mobile optimized design and non-optimized mobile design.

Pay heed to customer feedback

Every marketplace has a feature of app review, whether it is the Google Play or iTunes or Windows store. These reviews are the most important places a mobile app developer should never dare ignore. Even just a few honest reviews will make you aware of the strong points and the weaknesses of your app. Paying heed to what customer is saying is the easiest way to self improvement. For, without a doubt, customer is king and the more you seek their input out front the better.

Plan for future

Mobile is an ever evolving space. What is relevant today might be intrusive tomorrow. To catch the nerve of customer, you must be aware with the latest trends and try to incorporate improvements in the app accordingly.

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