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Gnomad launches Uber back seat mobile advertising at SXSW

The Houston based mobile ad platform will target the ride share program’s customers.

Gnomad took the opportunity to use the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in order to launch its mobile advertising platform which will make it possible to display ads to passengers sitting in the back seats of dozens of Uber vehicles around the Austin, Texas area.

The Gnomad mobile app was developed by a company called Poetic Systems, Inc., out of Houston.

The way it works is that it displays mobile advertising and content, among other features, that are geared toward travelers who are visiting from elsewhere and who are seeking to find out more about what there is to do within the area, particularly throughout the duration of the festival. So far, the mobile marketing content in the app is featuring the Greater Houston Partnership, which is a SnapStream based in Houston. It has also placed the spotlight on the Capital Factory co-working space and an assortment of startups in Austin.

Mobile advertising content was also assembled for Gnomad along with the Tasting Table culinary website.

Mobile Adveritsing - Ride Share ProgramThat site is based in New York under Rich Winley, the co-founder and CEO. Ahead of the SXSW, he explained that “We’re expecting to be in about 75 Uber cars,” and that “We’re expecting 20,000 people to see the GHP ad over the weekend.”

That said, despite this mobile marketing agreement, Gnomad is not considered to be an official partner with Uber as each driver with the rideshare program is considered to be an independent contractor. This has given them the opportunity to create individual partnerships with Gnomad if they wish to do so. Those drivers, who are currently facing fare cuts, are frequently seeking additional opportunities to generate an income. By working with Gnomad, Winley explained that they can take part in a revenue sharing model.

Over the long term, Gnomad will continue these types of mobile advertising opportunities and intends to take its ad tech to New York throughout Fashion Week. For that event, it has partnered with a handful of ad agencies in New York, which had not been identified by the time of the writing of this article.

Mobile marketing is leading to massive retail store visits

A recent study has shown that 1 in 10 smartphone based ad impressions brings shoppers into stores.

A new report has been released by xAd, a mobile ad startup, that has revealed some interesting new insight into the impact that mobile marketing is having on shoppers who are being influenced by the advertising that they receive.

The report was based on a study conducted by the company, and showed that people are responding to mobile ads.

The mobile marketing study looked into the way that smartphone ads impacted store visits within the retail, restaurant, and auto industries. What it found was that connected with consumers in this way was leading to more store visits and was improving offline conversions. These findings are important because mobile marketers have been struggling to be able to measure the success of their campaigns, as many consumers do not actually make their purchases over the same device that they receive the ads. This makes conversions a challenge to measure.

The mobile marketing report from xAd was based on the results of a study that Nielsen conducted on their behalf.

mobile marketing leads to retail visitsxAd brought in the expertise of Nielsen in order to both analyze and measure the effectiveness of mobile ads across 12 major brands and almost 80 individual smartphone based advertising campaigns within the retail, restaurant, and auto sectors. The report focused on the use of creative messaging and location based proximity targeting and the way that outcomes were impacted by those campaigns.

What it found was that 10 percent of the smartphone users that actually looked at a retailer’s ad on a mobile device did eventually visit the store location of that retailer. Moreover, the research also determined that 77 percent of transactions that begin over smartphones and tablets and up being completed in a brick and mortar shop.

The director of marketing at xAd, Sarah Ohle, explained that “What we’re really trying to do in this study is understand the full potential of mobile.” She added that “One of the great things about mobile is obviously that you can reach people online and have them engage you. That gets a lot of focus.” However, she pointed out that what mobile marketing is capable of doing that other past forms of media cannot is to track behavior that occurs offline.