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Retailers take unique mobile marketing tack to engage consumers

Companies from Bloomingdale’s to Lowe’s are going in odd directions to try to grab the attention of younger shoppers.

Being able to attract the attention of shoppers in the Millennial generation and then actually engage them can be exceptionally challenging, forcing retailers to use mobile marketing in some rather strange ways in order to stand out.

These companies are discovering that smartphone ads aren’t necessarily about a message or a look.

Instead, mobile marketing success is all about relevance. Retailers have tried virtually everything in order to share a popular message or create an amazing look in their mobile ads. However, it’s not until they truly answer the question “what’s in it for me, personally?” that they appeal to the younger shopping generation. Shoppers need a solid reason to pay attention to a message and then to interact with it. Often, the most effective way to do this is through positivity and even humor.

All too frequently, mobile marketing comes across as something forced and constructed deliberately for popularity.

Retail Mobile MarketingWhen an advertising effort is too transparent as an effort to become something viral, the outcome feels awkward to the viewer and becomes ineffective. However, occasionally, it all comes together and the result can be highly effective. That is the moment that retailers would do just about anything to achieve; to be able to reach those young shoppers and successfully encourage them to act on the call to action.

Two retailers who have been using mobile advertising to reach out to the Millennial generation include Bloomingdales and Lowe’s. The way in which they have been engaging their target markets are extremely unique and very different from each other, while being highly effective.

Lowe’s is seeking to become the top resource for first-time home and apartment owners and came up with a campaign featuring some typical types of commercials, but what made it stand out is that each commercial was recorded in the same way while coming to a different ending. To complete the story, viewers must check it out at Lowes.com. Bloomingdales, on the other hand has fashion in mind and has come up with the Bloomoticon series of 64 emoticon-like images as their mobile marketing. Shoppers can then use those tiny images in order to send out social messages.

Apple changes mobile ad formats for its News

The posts seen by users of iPhones and iPads will now be peppered with a new kind of advertising.

From now on, there will be a new mobile ad format that will be making their way into the Apple News feeds, which will appear in the form of sponsored posts that will appear along with other articles.

Apple announced the new mobile marketing format as a part of the March mobile advertising platform updates.

According to the document in which the announcement of the changes was made, the new format for the mobile ad display will show them “directly in the content feeds, in line with the News articles”. This will be occurring in both the iPad and iPhone version of Apple News. These advertisements are not meant to stand out very much from the rest of the articles in the feeds, as the same font will be used for the ads and articles.

That said, each mobile ad will have a small “sponsored” tag that will allow users to identify them.

Mobile ad format changes for newsStill, it is evident that these mobile ads are being designed to blend in and look like the rest of the articles being displayed in the feed, according to the developer document in which the new format was announced.

The idea behind this new mobile advertising format is to provide marketers with a fresh way to promote sponsored posts and sell those spots. While this can provide an advantage, it’s not without its drawbacks for advertisers, as well. It remains the same downside as with advertising through any other format on the iAd platform, which is that Apple takes the same 30 percent cut from all revenue generated through those ads.

Yet with about 40 million users recorded for the Apple news mobile app in January, the opportunity for advertisers is not a small one. Despite the fact that the mobile ad tag that indicates that it was sponsored is quite small, it still complies with the regulations from the FTC that require that all sponsored content be clearly marked. It is expected that the new format will be a part of the update going into effect this week.