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Mobile technology and Millennial habits spike American pollster anxiety

Predictions with regards to who would win the Spanish, Israeli and U.K. elections were way off.

During the most recent elections in the United Kingdom, Spain and Israel, pollsters called the outcomes quite firmly and yet they were incredibly wrong and the belief is that the same mistakes may be headed to the U.S. due to mobile technology and the lack of understanding of the Millennial lifestyle.

Still, American pollsters are trying their hardest to avoid those mistakes during the 2016 campaign.

According to the president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, Mollyann Brodie, who is also responsible for overseeing polling at the Kaiser Family Foundation, “There are a lot of people working hard to make sure similar mis-steps don’t happen here.” However, she and other experts in the field – agree that the pollsters across the United States are currently up against some extremely complicated challenges with regards to their methodologies. These challenges are about as tough as they’ve been since mobile technology first hit the mainstream.

Millennials use their mobile technology to screen calls, throwing off the balance of understanding of voters.

Mobile Technology - Poll People in the Millennial generation don’t feel the urgency to pick up the phone when it rings, as has been the case in previous generations. When their mobile technology device rings, they use caller-ID to see who is on the other end, and they feel no obligation to pick up when it’s someone they don’t know, don’t want to talk to, or when they’re simply too busy to pick up.

This, combined with the declining accuracy of the “likely voter” models and swindling budgets have caused sample sizes to shrink dramatically. For this reason, the polls, this year, are facing considerable criticism. There is considerable risk that the predictions in the United States are as inaccurate as they have been elsewhere around the world, and that pollsters could find themselves feeling rather red-faced when the true outcomes are revealed.

A prime example of this challenge occurred when the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton, Joel Beneson tweeted “Seriously CNN?” in response to a poll result the network released, which showed the former secretary of state falling behind Bernie Sanders in Iowa (43-51). The reason for the lack of faith in the figures is that it was discovered that the sample used by CNN was made up primarily of men, and consisted of only slightly over 300 people – which is barely representative of a general population.

Mobile apps are millennial favorites for holiday shopping

The results of the Wanderful Media annual survey showed that smartphone applications will be vital this season.

The 2015 Annual Holiday Shopping Survey results have now been released by Wanderful Media, the firm that produced the popular cash-back Find&Save shopping mobile apps for Android and iOS based smartphone users.

The insights provided by this study could be invaluable to merchants as they fine tune their holiday strategies.

Among the most important trends that were identified within this survey was that mobile apps would be playing a critical role in holiday shopping not only in general, but especially among shoppers in the millennial generation. In fact, among shoppers in that demographic, 92 percent said that they would be using their smartphones while shopping during the holiday season. Among the respondents as a whole, 73 percent of all holiday shoppers said they would be using those mobile devices as a part of their shopping journey.

Shoppers in all age categories plan to use mobile apps to shop this season, with specific purposes in mind.

Mobile Apps - Millenials Holiday ShoppingThe main reasons that shoppers in all age categories are looking to their smartphones in order to help them to get through their gift buying this holiday season include: discovering opportunities to save through digital coupons and promo codes for nearby stores; to find those store locations; and to compare the prices for the same product from one store to the next.

The survey also determined that smartphone apps that were the most popular tool for mobile commerce, especially because 78 percent of millennials said they would use applications for shopping purposes over the holiday season. Comparatively, 67 percent of overall shoppers in every age category said they would be using those tools for the same purpose. Over 80 percent of holiday shoppers who are millennials also said they would be interested in receiving push notifications from apps with regards to holiday sales that would be occurring from Black Friday through Christmas.

Aside from notifications from mobile apps, millennials also said they would be willing to sign up for other types of mobile alerts in order to stay on top of the latest deals as they become available. Among all age groups, 65 percent said they would be willing to sign up for that type of savings notification.