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First mobile game from Nintendo draws 1 million users in first 3 days

This came as good news for the Japanese tech giant that had been holding onto its policy for only console games.

Nintendo recently announced that the first mobile game it ever launched managed to draw over one million users within the span of three days that followed its initial release.

The first mobile gaming experience offered by Nintendo was in the form of its “Miitomo” app.

The Miitomo mobile game is an interactive experience that makes it possible for users to be able to design their own Mii avatars. It released this app in order to be able to position itself to better compete with its rivals. Through the use of this mobile app, smartphone users are able to change the outfit worn by their avatar through in-app purchases. They can also use their avatars to interact with those that have been created by friends or other mobile application users.

Within the mobile game, the avatars also interact with the user him/herself and share the answer with friends.

Nintendo - Mobile GameFor example, the avatar may ask one of the players of the mobile games what they did over the weekend or “What is your favorite food?” When the player answers, it is shared with the other characters selected by that player.

The game app was originally launched in Japan on a Thursday and by the following Saturday it had already broken the one million user mark, according to a company spokesperson. At the time of the writing of this article, she had also said that there weren’t any updated figures to release. That said, following a national holiday on the weekend of the achievement of the first million users, the stock markets opened on the Tuesday to send Nintendo’s shares upward by a striking 8.18 percent.

The official Twitter account for the mobile game stated that Nintendo had been quite surprised with the number of players who were instantly attracted to the app. As Sony and Microsoft continued to outpace Nintendo’s sales in terms of consoles and related games, the three giants have now moved into the app sphere for mobile devices where they are competing with thousands of other developers with cheap and even entirely free games.

Nintendo sets sights on mobile games

Mobile gaming is becoming a major influence on the game industry as a whole

Mobile gaming has become a major source of entertainment for smartphone users. These games are easy to acquire, typically free, and convenient to play, which has allowed them to win the hearts of consumers throughout the world. Nintendo has been taking note of the growing popularity of mobile games and has now decided to develop new games for specific platforms. Nintendo has a long history with mobile platforms, having established a strong and healthy following with its massively popular Game Boy handheld console.

Nintendo is focusing more heavily on the mobile space in order to engage consumers

Nintendo is beginning to push its new Miitomo app, which allows people to connect with one another and create their own digital avatars. Nintendo is also analyzing how it can approach mobile gaming. The company could simply port its more popular titles to smartphones, but it is committed to providing consumers with a “wonderful experience.” This entails developing new games that are part of their popular franchises, making the games available specifically for smartphones and tablets.

Developers and publishers are showing more interest in the mobile gaming space

Nintendo - Mobile GamesMobile games have become a very powerful force in the overall game industry. Many developers have begun to focus on the mobile space because of its lucrative nature. Consumers have shown that they are willing to spend considerable amounts of money on these games and publishers and developers are interested in taking advantage of this. Some companies that had focused on traditional console games have now begun to devote their attention and resources to the mobile space.

Nintendo will not abandon its focus on console gaming

Though Nintendo is beginning to focus more on mobile games, the company is not likely to abandon its console interests. Nintendo has found success in the past with its mobile endeavors, but has managed to remain committed to its traditional gaming roots. As consumers become more mobile-centric, however, Nintendo and other developers are beginning to look for ways to better engage new generations of gamers.