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Wal-Mart sees a bright future ahead for mobile payments

Retailer has taken note of the growing prominence of mobile commerce among consumers

Wal-Mart believes that its customers will embrace mobile payments more readily in the coming years. The retailer has taken note of the growth of mobile commerce as it sees more of its customers begin shopping from their mobile devices. The company has also seen a surge in the mobile traffic to its website. Wal-Mart sees a clear shift in the commerce space, but the company is not yet certain where mobile fits into this shift.

Retailers are still trying to understand the behavior of mobile consumers and how mobile payments fit into the retail space

Mobile payments are still relatively new, and retailers have not had much time to become comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce. Companies like Apple and Google have provided retailers and consumers with mobile payments services that have become quite popular, but retailers are still trying to understand the behavior of mobile consumers. Wal-Mart has been working with the Merchant Customer Exchange, a consortium comprised of large retailers that uses a mobile payments service called CurrentC.

Retailers could be left behind if their consortium does not support the mobile payments platforms that are most successful

Walmart - mobile payments futureMembers of the consortium have promised not to support other mobile payment platforms while they are a part of the Merchant Customer Exchange. This could be a problematic issue if Apple Pay, and other services, become more popular. This would leave the retailers involved in the consortium in a difficult position and make it more difficult for them to embrace mobile consumers. Wal-Mart may opt to support other mobile commerce platforms if it needs to compete more effectively in the retail market.

Wal-Mart to continue focusing on making the mobile experience more convenient

The retailer intends to make the mobile experience as convenient as possible for consumers. Convenience is one of the most attractive aspects of mobile commerce, as it allows consumers to avoid lengthy checkout lines and sometimes chaotic crowds. Wal-Mart is expected to focus on supporting convenient platforms that will appeal to consumers that have an interest in mobile payments.

PayPal acquires mobile payments firm Paydiant

Paydiant acquisition will give PayPal access to new technology and an extensive list of customers that make use of this technology regularly

PayPal has announced that it will be acquiring Paydiant, a mobile payments firm. The acquisition will give PayPal immediate access to those that use the technology that has been developed by Paydiant. This includes Subway and the retail consortium Merchant Customer Exchange. The consortium is comprised of companies like Target, Wal-Mart, and Sears, and access to this group could further expand PayPal’s position in the mobile payments space.

Paydiant has established a commanding presence in the mobile commerce space because of its innovative technology

Paydiant specializes in mobile technology, and has developed framework that supports mobile payments made through applications, both online and in physical stores. This technology supports the use of codes that function as ways to initial a transaction. Adoption of Paydiant’s technology has been relatively slow, but many prominent companies use the technology to engage mobile consumers in ways that were never before possible. This has made Paydiant a strong force in the mobile payments field, which is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

PayPal will face strong competition from Apple, Google, and Samsung in the coming year

PayPal acquires mobile payments firmPayPal has established a strong presence in the mobile field, having supported mobile consumers and businesses for several years. Later this year, the company will branch off from its current owner, eBay, and become a standalone entity. The company will also be in direct competition with Apple and Google, both of whom are trying to establish dominance in the mobile payments market. Samsung will also be competition for this position, having recently announced its plans to make an initial breach into the mobile commerce market later this year.

Future projects with Paydiant could help PayPal find more success in the mobile payments space

Paydiant’s technology and extensive customer base may help PayPal compete with others in the mobile market. The two companies are expected to work together to develop new initiatives that are based on Paydiant technology and PayPal services. Details concerning future plans have, of course, not been disclosed at this time.