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Mobile shopping is changing the entire buying experience

Data from Stastita has revealed that consumers are enjoying m-commerce for a growing number of reasons.

Smartphones have undergone a tremendous evolution over the last few years and this has brought about the rapid creation of mobile shopping trends in which consumers buy products and services over those devices when they may previously have purchased them on desktop computers or in person.

That said, even though m-commerce has not been in existence very long, it has undergone considerable changes.

Retailers are coming to realize that consumers expect mobile shopping options to be available to them as a part of the overall buying experience. Those companies are looking for new ways to optimize their offerings to consumers who use smartphones and tablets, among other devices, so that they can find products, compare, look at pricing and availability, and even make the purchase, itself.

Mobile shopping has been found to be beneficial for shoppers and retailers alike, driving it forward.

Mobile Shopping buying experienceThrough m-commerce, retailers are able to better communicate with shoppers no matter where they are, regardless of whether they are at home, within their own store, or even within the brick and mortar shop of their competition. Consumers are able to more conveniently find the information that they want with regards to a product, including details about its benefits, customer reviews, and prices at various different locations.

Data from Statista has shown that there are some very specific features that consumers enjoy about being able to use mobile commerce to look for and purchase the products and services they want. They include the following:

• 59 percent appreciate the ability to shop regardless of where they are
• 47 percent like to be able to compare product prices while they are in a store
• 33 percent like the speed of mobile shopping
• 25 percent like being able to access retailer websites
• 21 percent like to use apps to shop
• 20 percent like to receive mobile marketing such as digital offers and vouchers
• 12 percent like online payments solutions
• 10 percent liked the discretion
• 9 percent enjoy the ability to pay with their devices while in store

M-commerce is growing largely and continually

M-Commerce ReportThe latest data from BI Intelligence has shown that shoppers are increasingly adopting this channel.

The most recent report from BI Intelligence has revealed that m-commerce made up 11 percent of all online shopping throughout the holiday season in 2012, which is a staggering increase over 2010, when it comprised 3 percent of the total.

This amount currently represents about $18.6 billion in consumer spending, not including travel purchases.

This m-commerce growth, according to BI Intelligence is, in part the result of the growing popularity of the channel. The company has predicted that by the end of 2013, its share of the total will have increased to 15 percent of all online purchases.

The report not only examined the proportion of m-commerce, but also examined the cause of its growth.

The BI Intelligence report not only provided the figures regarding the growth of the channel, but it also looked into many of the latest m-commerce trends that can help to explain why the growth is occurring in the way that it is.

The following are some of the reasons that the report used to explain the trend toward m-commerce that is leading it to grow:

• At the moment, more than half (54 percent) of adults in the United States currently own smartphones and about a quarter of American adults own tablets. The report predicts that in three years, there will be more tablets than there are PCs among American consumers. By the end of the year 2016, the worldwide sale of tablets will have reached 450 million.
• Data is already indicating that there is more traffic heading to m-commerce websites than the actual percentage of its penetration. That is, while 25 percent of American adults own tablets, those devices account for 40 percent of the traffic to those sites.
• Almost 50 percent of all smartphone owners between the ages of 12 and 17 years old use that device as their primary connection to the internet. Therefore, among younger consumers, it is more natural for them to use m-commerce as a primary online shopping channel than it is for older consumers.