m-commerce appeals to busy momsThis important market has shown itself to be especially open to using smartphones to shop.

When it comes to being able to balance a very busy schedule, moms have added a secret weapon to their arsenal to get the job done, as they have become some of the broadest adopters of m-commerce.

Alliance Data Retail Services has just released their latest data which has supported this already identified trend.

The marketing driven credit card program provider recently conducted a survey and has now released its results. They have shown that moms are now, more than ever, using m-commerce to help to be able to shop more efficiently in order to be able to keep up with their busy lives. They also pointed out that this demographic is also using the devices for a number of other purposes for convenience, including texting, talking, and tagging.

The study was called the Alliance Data Mobile Moms Retail Survey and revealed considerable m-commerce insight.

It discovered that when moms are prepared to do a lot of shopping, they will frequently do so over m-commerce as opposed to having to drive to a store or mall to make a purchase. Among the respondents, 29 percent of moms stated that the primary reason that they chose their smartphones for shopping was due to the speed and ease of the process.

It has long been known that moms are the primary purchasing decision makers of a household. This includes virtually every category, from clothing to groceries and household products. Now that they are incorporating m-commerce and other mobile functions into their daily lives, it becomes important for merchants to take this channel into account in order to continue to appeal to this massively important demographic.

When it comes to the various m-commerce activities being used by moms, it includes searching for promotions and coupons, performing price comparisons, and browsing the websites of their favorite retailers. The survey also revealed that among moms who do use this channel to shop, they do so at least one time every week as a part of their overall shopping experience in some way or another.