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M-commerce traffic to break the 75 percent mark this holiday season

This trend is heading around the world as Diwali shopping in India broke mobile records.

While the holiday shopping season is only just getting started in the United States, India has already had a major wave of its own m-commerce season as Diwali brought a tremendous number of shoppers to their device screens to pick up that perfect gift.

According to UCWeb, the holiday shopping traffic across India broke the 75.5 percent mark this year.

UCWeb is the company behind the top mobile browser used in India, as it holds onto a market share that is greater than 54 percent in that country. This makes that company uniquely able to understand the increases that are being seen in m-commerce activities throughout the year and at times of holiday shopping such as during Diwali.

According to the company’s managing director in India, Kenny Ye, “The numbers of users who visit Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal via UC Browser in the month leading up to Diwali 2015 increased over 75 percent compared with last year.”M-Commerce - Higher than 75 percent

People in India are steadily increasing their use of m-commerce, particularly during festive seasons.

Ye went on to explain that consumers in India are “embracing shopping on the go” to a growing degree. They are finding that there is a great deal of opportunity available to take advantage of the time they have while they commute or on lunch breaks, for example, in order to pick up the gifts they need for festive celebrations. It helps them to save time and to be able to find some great ways to save money on what they want to buy.

That said, this use of mobile commerce for Diwali in India has been met with some resistance in that many people are saying that it is pushing people to think of this important time on the calendar in an exclusively commercial sense, when it is supposed to mean a great deal more.

This closely mirrors the sentiment of many people who will be using m-commerce to help them to get ahead in their Christmas shopping during the holiday season in the United States. It will be interesting to see what other trends follow the same paths between the two countries and their top gift giving holidays.

Mobile commerce vertical added to the Apple app store

In advance of the launch of the holiday shopping season, iPhone and iPad users now have new ways to buy.

Before the holiday shopping season has had its official launch, Apple has just revealed a new strategy for taking part in this highly profitable time of year by adding mobile commerce apps as its own shopping category in its App Store.

The idea is to help to make it easier for consumers to more easily find the shopping apps they want to use.

Now, both iPhone and iPad users will see an entirely new Shopping app available in the category lists at the App Store, so they will be able to discover all the available mobile commerce applications. Before this change was made, shopping apps had been included as a part of the broader lifestyle section of the App Store. Now, they will have their own category, bringing the number of mobile application categories at Apple up to 25.

This new mobile commerce app channel will experience its official launch as of November 5.

Mobile Commerce - Apple StoreThis will ensure that the m-commerce category will be available to the Western world in time for the holiday shopping season, and that it will also be available for the start of China’s equivalent to Black Friday, which is called Singles Day and that lands on November 11, this year.

Apple has stated that launching this new channel, made a lot of sense for better serving its users, as mobile shopping has become quite popular among iPhone and iPad users and because this popularity is only growing. A great deal of the e-commerce traffic that is being experienced around the world is coming from mobile devices as opposed to being exclusively from personal computers. In fact, the Flurry app analytics service has said that there was a growth in the use of m-commerce apps by 174 percent throughout 2014.

That would make mobile commerce the fastest growing app category in 2014. Moreover, a recent survey conducted by Google has revealed that 54 percent of holiday shoppers intend to use their smartphones to do at least some of their holiday shopping this year.